EW Drops and Pass or Fail System Available Until May 13th

Efrain Aguirre, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The deadline to drop classes with an extenuating withdrawal, or EW, is less then a week away. This option will be available until Wednesday May 13th. 

An extenuating withdrawal allows students to drop classes after the final drop date due to circumstances out of the students control, in this case the coronavirus pandemic. Before you decide to drop you should email your instructor both as a courtesy and to ask them if there is any way to get a good grade in the class. Also talk with your counselors to see how this will affect your student education plan

“Guidance from the Federal CARES Act allows financial aid offices to ‘hold harmless’ a student who drops with a EW because of COVID-19 related school events.

  •       We will not require students to pay back financial aid funds.
  •       We will not penalize a student’s academic progress for dropping classes
  •       We will not penalize appeal students

Says David Loverin, Director of Financial Aid

If you choose to drop then log go to COS.EDU and log on to your Mygiant, go to BannerWeb, select registration, select Add/Drop, select term(Spring 2020), select course, select drop down, Select Late Extenuating Drop, and click submit. 

Additionally COS has recently instituted a petition for Pass/No Pass grading. This option would change the current A through F system of grading to a pass/no pass option. The deadline to apply for this is also Wednesday, May 13th. 

A Pass/No Pass grading option earned in Spring 2020 will not affect your COS progress/academic probation, dismissal status; however, a Pass/No Pass grade will count toward your attempted credits for financial aid. If you choose the P/NP grading option and earn a NP in a course, you will be able to repeat the course in a future term. Schedule an appointment with your counselor if you are considering this option.

If you have a bad grade in your classes and do not choose to take advantage of these grades, you will fail the class and it WILL affect your academic progress and financial aid. Again the deadline for Extenuating Drops and Pass/No Pass Petition is Wednesday, May 13th.