We Need to be More Open-Minded


Christa Altamirano, Reporter

Open-minded people are the best. I am not talking about people who hide behind the claims of “I’m okay with gay people” or “I’m not racist I just prefer…”. I am talking about the ones who accept that they do not need to “understand” one’s views to respect them. The ones who do the right thing despite the many social parties that shove ideas and false claims into the faces of everyone. The people who refuse to confine themselves to the comfort of settling for comfort.

Open minded people come in many different forms. In the 70s we were mostly known as the hippies. Today most of us are known as Generation Z. As the world continues to change, so do the minds of the people. Especially in the political world, there are so many older representatives that do not properly represent the younger generations enough because of their personal beliefs, or because they don’t “understand” the needs of equality FOR ALL.

Although I cannot entirely blame them for the way they were raised, BUT that absolutely cannot be their excuse for every mass shooting, tragic accident, or hate crime. “That’s just the world we live”; yes, it is the world that WE live in and that YOU have a voice that can protect. Learn to change! As the world does so easily, so can you.