COS Hanford is a Quiet Delight


From COS Facebook Page

Cos Hanford side parking lot.

As a COS student who has attended the Visalia and Hanford campuses, I would like to provide a few commonalities between the two, and some areas where I believe COS Hanford can benefit specific students.

First, let me give you a rundown of the Hanford campus. There are only five buildings, two parking lots, and an exercise yard on 180 acres of land! And by land, I mean a very nice green field that holds many future possibilities for the campus.

The buildings include the vocational building, educational building, public safety building, and fire engine garage. While this might seem boring at first, I assure you there are plenty of worth-it places inside.

In the vocational building (also known as The Hub), you can find help with academic counseling, student support, learning resources, and career services. We even have our own student success room.

Across the way in the educational building, you can find all educational classes available at the Hanford site, along with our library and cafeteria, which are not just some vending machines The cafeteria staff have a handful of amazing food items they can make you. My favorite part is that they even make The Grind Coffee!

The next building over is the public safety building, where important officers on the rise train all the time. If you are lucky you’ll stumble into them while they are training for real-life scenarios like I have, they are awesome to watch.

The Hanford campus is much quieter than Visalia, and the line for food or coffee never seems to get as long. It is so peaceful you can study in the cafeteria with no distractions, I even recommend it while sipping some coffee and having a bite to eat.

Another part I highly enjoy is that parking is much closer to all of the classes than in Visalia, and you don’t need a different parking pass for either campus. The bus stop is so close, it’s hard to miss your ride.

There are plenty more great things about COS Hanford, however, I especially recommend attending if you don’t like heavy traffic, enjoy a less crowded environment, and are looking to do less walking.