Letter from the Editor-In-Chief


Vanessa Lamb

Editor-in-Chief, Spencer Beair

Dear Reader,

My name is Spencer Beair. You may not have read my work or much other work that has come from our paper, but I think what we were able to do as a program was extremely special. We were able to put the school paper back into a position that is fit for the modern age with our video content, and thus expand our audience past what was previously thought possible of our paper.

The connections I have made in this class and the events I have been able to attend as a result of my position on this staff have allowed me to make memories that I will never forget. The COS marketing department, including Vanessa Lamb and Lauren Fishback, has my thanks beyond what I can put into words. The experience I got being on camera, as well as being able to share COS athletics with a wider audience, was truly unique at a community college level.

College of the Sequoias has given me some of the best years of my life, and I have so many others to thank for it. Most of all though, Professor Shailin Kennedy helped keep this program alive for just a little longer, and for just enough time for me to finish off my tenure at COS as the editor. Through helping me in crisis management, and teaching me all kinds of practical things about the world of journalism, you have my ultimate thanks.

Thank you, to all the staff that I have ever worked with during my tenure working for The Campus. Each and every individual person has left upon me an impression that I will take into my future career, and into the rest of my life.

When a successor takes over this paper at some point down the line just remember this: use your resources, and don’t forget how many people there are to help you.

A job like this is not done alone, and leading a staff requires understanding the needs of an entire newsroom and keeping everyone’s heads above the water during even the most difficult time (also, check your sources on pictures and please read the AP stylebook in the most up-to-date format, just trust me on this.)

It has been my pleasure to write for The Campus Journal these last three semesters, and an even bigger honor to call myself the Editor-In-Chief of The Campus Journal. Thank you, the reader, listener, or viewer, for making this year and a half the best year of my life.

Spencer Beair

Editor-In-Chief, The Campus Journal