Student Senate and Health Center Hosts “Let’s Talk” Meetings

Dates for the Lets Talk meetings.

Obtained from the COS Facebook page.

Dates for the “Let’s Talk” meetings.

The COS Student Senate and Health Center are continuing to work together to host meetings they have titled “Let’s Talk.” The meetings will take place on the Visalia quad from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on November 9 through the 15.

Get a feel of what counseling services can do for you as a student at COS. Peer mentors will be available during the meeting to let you vent and offer helpful insights into your situation.

COS created an event for the meeting on Facebook where students can confirm if they will be attending the meeting on November 2.

On that event page, the COS Facebook account states, “This is a great opportunity to connect with your peers, de-stress, share what’s on your mind, and connect with other students who might be in the same boat as you!”

Conversations had with peer mentors during these events are completely confidential, allowing you to confidently let out some tensions you may have. The meetings are a short 30 minutes and are only offered to those who show up first. This service is also completely free for students.

Students attending should bring both themselves and their Banner ID for identification. Many students have struggles that lead them to the direction of the Health Center, where their concerns can be taken care of.

COS has extensive health, educational, and spiritual groups and programs that are in place to help students no matter what point they are at. The Health Center has locations at all three COS campuses, including physical and mental health services. By attending the “Let’s Talk” meetings students can get just a sliver of the support they have.

While the meetings help get feelings out in the open, for more personal matters students are encouraged to seek counseling through the Health Center.