NFL Week 3 Power Rankings


Pixabay on Pexels

32. Falcons(0-2)
The Falcons blew a 26-10 lead (shocking, I know), lead against New Orleans last week, and almost broke the curse today after their comeback attempt was stopped short after being down 31-10. Cordarrele Patterson is a real weapon, but Mariota might not have too much longer under center if they keep losing.

31. Texans(0-1-1)
It looked like the Texans were going to start their season with a win, leading the Colts 20-3 going into the Fourth quarter. They would give up 17 unanswered points and both teams would fail to win the game, thus we have a tie. Following that up with a hard-fought loss to the Broncos leaves the Texans winless.

30. Seahawks(1-1)
After last week’s emotional victory against the Broncos, the Hawks lost to the 49ers with Jimmy G at Quarterback 27-7. They are one of the worst teams in the league, but they are coached well. That will go a long way toward the development of these players.

29. Panthers(0-2)
The Panthers this week lost to the Giants 19-16, after losing to the Browns the week prior by a field goal. These games are close, but they come to relatively bad teams, which cements Carolina 29th on the list.

28. Colts(0-1-1)
The Colts shouldn’t be this far down the list, but after a tie with the lowly Texans and being shut out by the Jags, they do belong here on the list for now. They are struggling in all facets of the game, the only hope is that with Matt Ryan under center, they will eventually gel.

27. Bears(1-1)
The Bears won the monsoon bowl against ‘Frisco and didn’t look good doing it. Justin Fields made the plays he needed to but was running for his life all game. In week two, they tried to remove Aaron Rodgers from the ownership circle, but alas, they were unsuccessful.

26. Lions(1-1)
The team was losing 35-21 and fought back to make it 38-35 final in their week one contest. This week they controlled the game against the Commanders for most of it. The game got interesting late, but the Lions held on for a win.

25. Jags(1-1)
The Jags will definitely be improved this year, and it only took one less Urban Meyer to do it. First overall pick Travon Walker had a sack and an interception, so early on the pick seems like a hit. In week two the Jags shut out the division rival Colts. With this pace, they may not stay in the lower rankings for too much longer.

24. Jets(1-1)
The Jets followed their week one loss by completing an insane 13 point comeback in just one minute and fifty-one seconds of game time. Things may be looking up for the Jets for the first time in a while. If Zach Wilson can put things together when he comes back from injury, they will show strides this year.

23. Giants(2-0)
This is not a drill; the Giants are 2-0 to start the year. The Giants seemed to have nailed this offseason as they won another tight contest 19-16 against the Panthers. This may not continue, so Giants fans should enjoy it while it lasts.

22. Browns(1-1)
After a miraculous win in week one, the Browns today were the victims of a miracle against the jets. The Browns were up 30-14 with less than two minutes left and somehow, managed to lose. This season is a formality for Cleveland, with Watson being suspended all year.

21. Steelers(1-1)
The Steelers beat the Bengals, but it only took Joe Burrow’s worst game as a pro to do so. The Steelers will also be without TJ Watt, who the Steelers fear suffered a Pectoral injury during the week one game. In week two, the Steelers offense, somehow, looked worse than the offense of the Patriots as they fall to New England, 17-14.

20. Commanders(1-1)
The Commanders seem to be so average it hurts. The Jags in week one had the Commanders beat until a late rally took them over the edge, and then this week it takes a late rally for the Commies to not get embarrassed by the Lions in Detroit. This team seems to be the epitome of .500.

19. Colts(0-1-1)
The Colts might not be this high for much longer; after tying with the Texans, they were shut out by the Jaguars. The only thing going for them is that these are divisional games and thus, are challenging no matter who is on the other side.

18. Patriots(1-1)
Through two games, the Patriots have shown nothing of note on offense, which is particularly concerning when you share a division with the Bills and Dolphins. The defense looks strong as always, but if they can’t figure this offense out it is going to be a long season.

17. Cowboys(0-2)
While the Cowboys did win their first game of the year against Cincy, they are still in major trouble without Dak. The Cowboys might be wise to punt this year away and look to add more talent to a roster that needs an infusion of young talent. It worked the last time Dak missed time, getting Micah Parsons out of it.

16. Bengals(0-2)
The Bengals’ 0-2 start isn’t quite enough to start ringing the panic bells, but maybe we should start walking towards them. Joe Burrow has had a rough start to the season, much of that is due to him being on pace to be sacked a hundred and sixty times this season. The offensive line will gel and get better, it just takes time they may be running low on.

15. Titans(0-2)
The Titans also start the year off 0-2, one loss coming on a 2-point conversion to the Giants, the other coming at the hands of the juggernaut that is Buffalo. The poor play of Ryan Tannehill is the most concerning, as he had a horrible playoff game against the Bengals to end last season, and he starts this year off badly. It might be Malik Willis’ time earlier than we thought.

14. Vikings(1-1)
Just when you thought Kirk Cousins exercised his demons, they come back in full force. Cousins turned what was a winnable game against the Eagles on Monday night into a convincing loss, throwing three interceptions en route to a 24-7 loss. This team looked so good against the Packers in week one, but now I don’t know what to make of them with such a lowly performance.

13. Packers(1-1)
The Packers went from being dominated by the Vikings to dominating the Bears. I guess it does make sense when you consider that Aaron Rodgers is part owner of the Bears, but the inconsistency makes this rating seem about right.

12. Raiders(0-2)
The Raiders are the highest 0-2 team on the Power Ranking, but another loss will drop them like a rock. The concerning thing for the Raiders isn’t that their defense hasn’t looked great, that is to be expected. It is concerning however that their offense hasn’t exactly impressed so far. After a three-interception game in week one in Los Angeles, Derek Carr seemed to have put it together scoring 20 points on some impressive drives against the Cardinals in the first half. They would only score three points the rest of the game and would blow a 20-0 lead.

11. Cardinals(1-1)
The Cardinals are a few spectacular efforts from Kyler Murray away from being a convincing 0-2. Murray had one of the greatest 2-point conversions ever to send the Raiders into an overtime that his team eventually won. They don’t look good at all so far, but the win is all that matters.

10. Saints(1-1)
The Saints seem to be exactly who we thought they were: a team with an incredibly strong defense, with question marks at the quarterback position. They did their usual Brady kryptonite thing Sunday, even causing a brawl between the teams at one point. It was Jameis Winston throwing three picks on what seemed like back-to-back passes that were the downfall of the Saints Sunday. If Jameis can get rid of the turnover bug, New Orleans will be a strong NFC contender.

10. Broncos(1-1)
The Broncos are very much a team to watch as Russell Wilson gets more acclimated to his new team. They haven’t looked great so far, but they seem to have all the pieces to be a playoff contender this year; the question is will they put them together?

9. Chargers(1-1)
The Chargers have definitely played better than ninth on the list, but Herbert’s injury is a major story to watch going forward. Herbert’s rib injury turned a winnable game for the bolts into a loss to the all-mighty Chiefs. If he can fight through it, they remain one of the top teams in the league. We will just have to wait and see.

8. 49ers(1-1)
Kyle Shannahan got what he wanted, Jimmy Garrappolo starting. I just don’t think he wanted it to be because of a broken ankle. The 49ers looked strong in their win against Seattle with Jimmy back under center, some would argue even stronger than with Trey Lance under center. They have a stretch of winnable games here before their schedule gets tough in the following weeks.

7. Rams(1-1)
The Rams were embarrassed by the Bills on opening night, which is looking more like a testament to how good the Bills are, rather than the Rams being bad. The Rams had a 31-10 lead against Atlanta in week two, only to watch the Falcons come way too close to comfort with the final score being 31-27. Stafford was better, but he also still tossed two interceptions. The Rams need to beat some good teams to re-assert their dominance.

6. Bucs(2-0)
The Bucs seem to be the weakest 2-0 team in the league right now. The defense seems to be really strong once again, holding the Cowboys and Saints to a combined 13 points so far this season. The problem is, Tom Brady and the offense have only scored two touchdowns all season.

5. Ravens(1–1)
Lamar Jackson needs to be paid yesterday. He is having a hell of a start to his season, with 531 yards, six touchdowns, one interception, and one rushing touchdown. The Ravens were destroying the Dolphins in week two, but they also blew a 20-point lead in the fourth quarter to the Dolphins. If they don’t pay Lamar, someone else will.

4. Dolphins(2-0)
The Phins are 2-0 to start the year, and Tyreek Hill has been worth every penny. Tua has also performed well, especially last week when he threw almost 500 yards and six touchdowns. The Phins look very strong so far, and we can expect them to get better.

3. Eagles(2-0)
Jalen Hurts is proving everyone wrong so far, and the Eagles are rolling through two weeks. They did beat up on two lowly NFC North teams in the Lions and the Vikings, but they looked impressive in doing so. Their next games are Washington, Jacksonville, Arizona, and Dallas, so it is very possible that the Eagles start 6-0.

2. Chiefs(2-0)
Kansas City seems to have only gotten stronger with the loss of ‘Reek. Mahomes is on his best behavior so far, throwing for 600 yards and seven touchdowns. They do play in the hardest division in football, so their schedule will get harder. However, they just beat the Chargers on Thursday Night Football.

1. Bills(2-0)
The Bills have won their two games by a combined 72-17, a point differential of 55. They are by far the best team in football and don’t seem to be able to be stopped. Josh Allen and the offense have picked up right where they left off from last year, and are on a revenge tour. I would stay out of the way of Buffalo this year, they seem to be impossible to beat.