It’s All About Ag, Ag, and Ag!

Stephanie L Brewster

The Ag Club learned the importance of running elected councils and meetings. All runners-up of the Ag Club at the Tulare COS campus had a moment to shine and gather votes.

Running an ag council is essential for anyone building up a resume. Ag council experience would separate the individual from other job applicants. Tasks from serving on ag councils can be put on a resume.

The council has a president over leadership, direction, objectives, and accordance.

Here is the rundown of each board position. The president would start the club meeting. In the absence of the president, the vice president starts it. The secretary’s primary role would be record keeping, such as taking notes and helping guide the meetings. The treasurer would oversee the budgets and reimbursement. The ICC representative would attend the meetings.

The first runner-up for president is MaKenna, a double major in environmental science and plant and soil. The experience is her reason to run for the president position. The second runner-up is Joe Franko. Joe Franko would like to run because he has experience in life. The votes lead to Makenna as the new president of the Ag Club.

Next are the vice president runners-up. The first runner-up is Becca, who works on a farm and also has a horse. She has been in ag since she was five years old, with experience in FFA and public speaking. The second runner-up for vice president is Joe Franko, who started in food safety, which landed him in school for a major. It has been rough for him with kids, but he is responsible for his work and family.

Eder, the third runner-up for vice president, is majoring in animal science. Eder grew up on a farm and had the experience of knowing to take care of animals for a year in FFA. The fourth runner-up for vice president is Yadira, who was in FFA in high school. She also had experience as the Ag Commissioner for Tulare. The votes were tied between Joe and Yadira, but the vice president’s role ultimately went to Yadira.

Rebecca was the only runner for the secretary position. All the attendees agree to vote for Rebecca as secretary.

Next are the treasurer runner-ups. First is Eric, who is majoring in animal science. He has experience in FFA and budgeting; he also experienced getting public help and support. Also running for this position is Edger, who used to do the paperwork for farming. This involved making a profit with hay, dairy, and meats. The votes favor Edger as the treasurer.

Also at this meeting, instructors gave information about other meetings. Mrs. Cooper, who teaches ag business clubs, spoke about essential topics for events and conferences. There would be another election for ag business. They would try to grab industry involvement in the club to expose club members to jobs. The livestock club has a big event with the Tulare ag show. That would help fundraisers. Next Thursday would be the next meeting. Everyone is welcome to join any ag club.

Here is the final list of officers for the Ag Club Council

· President: MaKenna McCorvey
· Vice President: Yadira Lucatero
· Treasurer: Eder Cortez
· Secretary: Rebecca Miller