2NE1 Coachella

K-Pop Group 2NE1 Reunites At Coachella
On the weekend of April 15-April 17, 2022 at Coachella, South Korean singer CL was invited to perform with the Asian American record label 88rising’s artists for their “Head in the Clouds Forever” set. CL performed some of her own songs including “Spicy” and “Hello.” As for the grand finale, no one would expect the other 3 members of 2NE1(Sandara Park, Park Bom, and Minzy) to arrive to the stage. The four girls performed the group’s hit song “I Am The Best.” before leaving the stage dramatically.

This isn’t the group’s first surprise perform as they pulled the same trick at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2015 where CL was performing her hit songs “Hello” and “The Baddest Female” before the other three were elevated into the stage. The four ended up performing their debut song “Fire” and “I Am The Best.” This was the last time the four was last seen on stage before they released their final song “Goodbye” and disbanding without any proper promotion for the song.

2NE1 isn’t the first K-Pop girl group to perform at Coachella. In 2019, their labelmate Blackpink was invited to Coachella. On the weekend of April 22-April 24, 2022, rookie girl group aespa will be performing at Coachella’s main stage.

As for K-Pop groups, male group Epik High was invited to Coachella three times(2016 , 2020, and 2022) but they ended up performing 2016 and 2022. They were the first K-Pop group to performed at Coachella and the only K-Pop group to perform at Coachella more than once. Male group Bigbang was invited to Coachella in 2020, but they didn’t end performing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As for my thoughts, I really do hope this would mean this would let to a new beginning for the group and a new release from the group. 2NE1 debuted in 2009 where many K-Pop girl groups have to pick between the bubblegum pop cute concept or the sexy concept. The group rejected that ideal by going for a concept that celebrates women’s independence from men’s desires and finding yourself. They ended inspiring other K-Pop girl groups that follow the same concept to debut around the same like Miss A and 4Minute. Then, they inspired some of the K-Pop girl groups of today including Everglow, Blackpink, Itzy, and GOT That Beat.

Watching the group perform makes in cry as waves of nogastlia follow. They were the first K-Pop group I genuinely liked in 2013. I hated how I didn’t have as much time to appreciate 2NE1 as much as their fans who joined the fandom before me. Seeing the group perform together once again, there might be a chance that the group can comeback together once.

When being asked about the group’s future, the group’s youngest member Minzy replied to the question. She seemed to be very happy to be performing with her members once again, but it seems like seem she only planned for her own solo activities. It seems like the group won’t release new music, but who knows what the girls have planned for their future as a group.