Spy X Family Episode 2 Review

This review contains spoilers for the second episode.


Following up with the hype from the first episode, episode two continued to bring 

excitement for the series. The second episode served as both the episode where we finally got to see the uniquely animated opening, and the episode where Yor was formally introduced into the show.


The opening kicks off with a flashy animation style that is reminiscent of panels ripped from a comic book. It features explosions and quick snippets of a car chase, then suddenly, it transitions into a sort of children’s drawing style.


Blocky buildings, creatively drawn characters, and lopsided objects that quite literally appear as if a child was drawing them. The opening doesn’t stop there, it transitions once again into a style similar to the actual animation of the show. It uses vibrant and more saturated color popping details to stand out, before jumping into the actual episode’s story.


After the intro, it jumps to Loid still being stuck on the problem of finding a suitable candidate to act as his wife. He tries to disguise his male colleague to act as his wife, but to no avail, the act cannot be easily pulled off. Resulting in him sitting down to contemplate and analyze the overall mission and the next steps he has to take once again.


In the meantime, while that’s happening, we get introduced to Yor Briar, a seemingly normal city hall worker with a reserved and somewhat shy personality. However, she in fact is actually using that job as a cover for her real career as an assassin. 


Her awkwardness and sometimes confused attitude towards the world around her, make her a character that many people have found to like. Which makes the episode even better when Yor eventually meets Loid and Anya.


When Anya telepathically discovers Yor is actually an assassin, she takes no time to be a sort of “wingman” to nudge both Loid and Yor into the direction of asking each other to be covers for themselves. Which they both eventually agree to do, with Loid pretending to be Yor’s boyfriend, and Yor pretending to be Loid’s wife.


More events transpire throughout the episode, with moments where both their actual covers were almost blown. They were able to dodge most obstacles though. The episode concluded with a fantastic proposal that was both wholesome and quite literally explosive.