Spring Break

Spring break is around the corner, this is a time when students take a week to wind down and travel, or simply rest before finals. Being in the central valley it’s a great distance from the beach and or the mountains depending on what one is looking for.

For those wanting to get out and head over to the beach, there are a couple within a 3-hour time distance. If you’re someone who is tired of how crowded the popular beaches are there are a couple around the area that are a lot calmer and have great views. Cambria is a great place for one to take a stroll down Moonstone beach, or even explore around the village. Cambria has a great antique store, as well as a bookstore, and for those looking for a place to bring their pets, there is a dog park in the area.

For those wanting to explore the outdoors and stay a little more local, there are great hiking areas near the COS campus. The Kaweah Oat Preserve is 9.2 miles away from campus and has substantial outdoor views, it’s a pleasant way to unwind without having to travel far. Salt Creek is another close distance getaway, that is 33 miles away from campus. Many people like to go hiking at Salt Creek, as well as, enjoy mountain biking. This trail also includes views of wild horses, a creek, along with other wildlife that reside in the area.

If you’re someone who wants to stay in the area and not go far there are some movie theaters around that are showing new and older films. The Tulare Galaxy theater shows $5 movies for their “Flashback Cinema” Sundays. “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix” will be available for viewing on April 10th. Spring break is also the time when one can catch up on tv series on streaming services, or rewatch old series. Most streaming services also included suggestions based on what the viewer watches and it’s a great way to be introduced to a new movie or show.