Spy X Family Episode 1 Review

This review contains spoilers for the first episode.
With the buildup of hype, the first episode of Spy X Family did not disappoint. Set in a fictional time period where there are two split countries Ostania and Westalis, conflicts are slowly brewing.
The episode immediately wasted no time to throw us directly into action within the first few starting minutes of the episode.
From a car suffering brake failure and being driven off a freeway, leading to a disguise to intercept important intel, we get introduced to one of the main characters, Twilight, a top agent at a spy company. Otherwise known by their mission cover name, Loid Forger.
He quickly begins working on carrying out his newly assigned mission dubbed “Operation Strix”. Which requires him to get close to a government official and investigate their actions due to them being a potential threat to the two countries.
Although we learn quickly that Loid may be a very charming and suave tall man in a light green suit, this operation requires more than those characteristics. In fact, he needs to “build” a family for his cover in order to enroll a child into a prestigious school in order to get close to the government official.
That plan proves to be a bit easier said than done for Loid, as we witness him adopting Anya, while being blissfully unaware that she is actually a telepath. Along with maneuvering through the life of being both a spy and now a parent to a child.
The episode does close with a calmer ending after all the excitement and action we witness throughout the overall episode. Showcasing Loid realizing that the next step in his plan has changed. Not only did he have to ensure Anya’s entrance into the prestigious school, but he also would now require having a wife.