Not just a location for books

The library at the College of the Sequoias offers more than stacks of books inside the building is an abundance of resources for students.

“ We are not just a location that houses books,” Jessica Andrade-Azuz, a Librarian working at the College of the Sequoias,” We try to provide as many services as we possibly can to students.”

There are two floors to the library. Upstairs is the quiet study area for students, and downstairs includes the librarian desk, Tutorial services, the Help center, and more.

As a librarian at COS, Jessica Andrade-Azua emphasizes that libraries are a place full of knowledge beyond books. Her job is working at the Librarian desk to help students research papers, or assignments. To help students find their way around campus, and to be a friendly person that students can come to with questions.

“The library is a really important place because sometimes students need a little assistance when it comes to researching. Sometimes students come into the library and need directions,” said Jessica Andrade-Azuz,” We are always here to support.”

The library houses Tutorial services that have available tutors in varying subjects, like math or English for students that are struggling in their classes or need additional support. It is located at the back of the first floor.

In the front of the library are check-out counters for students to check out books. Farther down is an area for students to print in black-and-white or color. A new tool available to students is to access printing from their own devices. Students can send what they need to print to the library’s printer by accessing the Mygiant print icon from their Mygiant account ( it looks like a torch). Next to this area, a sign reads “Periodicals”. Students can read from a variety of magazines, and newspapers that the library subscribes to.

“We subscribe to some of the popular magazines, like Sports Illustrated, Time magazine, and People Magazine. Students come in when they have downtime or are waiting for their ride, to read,” said Jessica Andrade-Azuz.

Textbook reservations are offered by the library to help students at the beginning of the semester. Students can check out their needed textbooks to use at the library for two hours. Similarly, the library also offers textbook scanning. But, only two chapters are permitted to be scanned due to copy-right distribution per textbook. Another, service for students is hotspot and computer lending.

“ We are hopefully helping students to not get behind on their assignments while they are waiting for their books to come in,” said Jessica Andrade-Azuz, “We developed these services during Covid.”

The library offers a one-on-one service for students to contact a librarian via zoom, chat, or an in-person meeting. To do this students can use their Mygiant account and select My Library account Onesearch ( it resembles a calendar), and search Ask Us to make an appointment. The library even offers its space to “members within the community” to come and have access to computers with a guest login to sign up for COS classes. Guests can print as well. Students can also, reserve study rooms online through Mygiant at LRC Reservations, select the location, and ta-da reserved! Onesearch is not only for reserving time to meet with a librarian on staff, but a catalog to search through the College of the Sequoias resources available to students. Earlier this month a workshop was held, about an introduction to these library databases. On May 22, a library workshop for student research will be held. To register to go online, or the to the library to find out more information

“ Students sometimes need a how-to navigate these library databases so we have this workshop coming up. It is a great source for students that need to do an academic research project or a persuasive essay, these academic databases are peer-reviewed and reliable,” said Jessica Andrade-Azuz.

The library offers courses to help students research at a college level. There are three courses, such as a library 101 course for college research strategies, a library 102 course for internet information services, a library 103 course for evaluating informational services, and a library 150 course, called research skills for lifelong learning. All of these classes have a requirement for Comp 130 or an equivalent COS course with a minimum of a C and are worth one unit.

“ We really do try to do fun interactive displays with our books so that students are willing to come and check some of them out,” said Jessica Andrade-Azuz.

Aside from the academic side of the library, displays are created with books to showcase certain holidays, or important dates, to make students more aware of the various selections. At the front are recently published books. Children’s books are also available at the library.
For the month of April, a Jazz display will be presented. A library newsletter published in COS’ e-news each month, explains more about the displays, and events taking place called “Beyond the Stacks”.

“ The library is a really cool place, one thing can spark your interest, and it is a great resource to get additional support when you need it,” said Jessica Andrade-Azuz.