The Northman (2022)

With the new collection of movies coming out to theaters this month, a new addition to the Viking genre, The Northman, will take its place. The movie will premiere in theaters on the 22nd of April.

With our main protagonist Amleth being played by Alexander Skarsgard, along with Anya Taylor-Joy playing a character by the name of Olga. These two characters have immense strengths in both mind and body.

The movie’s prince is presumed to be based on Shakespeare’s version of the character Amleth, from the story of Hamlet.

The Northman follows a plot about the Viking Prince of Denmark, who is searching for his father’s killer and mother’s kidnapper, starting off at a young age with years of training to eventually leave his kingdom to find the person responsible.

The movie is rated R and will have many violent scenes/behaviors that should only be seen by an adult.