Ambulance Movie: What We Know So Far

Ambulance (2022) released its first trailer in October of 2021, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen as the main characters of this new release.

The trailer has shown the public viewer a situation amongst these two individuals who are enacting a heist job to gain money for personal reasons. With only knowledge of Abdul-Mateen’s characters needing it for his family, Gyllenhaal’s reasons are unknown.

Eventually, the trailer takes the viewers to a car port where they find an ambulance to try and escape, yet leaving other issues to develop in their attempt.

It’s not certain how this movie will resolve itself. With possible ends being either they are caught, run off with a successful mission, or reach their inevitable demise.

As the overall movie, Ambulance (2022) looks to be an appealing story to watch.