Meet Brent Calvin

By Rodolfo Martinez & Ashley Cortez


Photo courtesy of COS:

Since he was a freshman 30 years ago, Brent Calvin was always a distinguished member of the COS family.

COS Superintendent and President Brent Calvin works with students, faculty, staff, and other administrators to start programs ensuring that students and their communities are provided with the course work and materials they need.

Prior to being Superintendent and President, Calvin was the Vice President of student services, working directly with counselors, financial aid consultants, admissions offices, and other student support services offered here on campus.

Calvin accredits his ‘return’ to COS as the athletic director in 2002 as one of the most notable moments in his career, as well as his first step towards being inspired to help the students as superintendent and president.

“I was a student and had been a student athlete, so to be hired back as the athletic director was a big day.” stated Calvin, “Anytime you stay in an organization as long as I’ve been here, you pick things along the way that you want to be done a little bit differently, like more opportunities for students and improved facilities.”

Calvin states that his favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to work with students.

“It’s the reason I’ve stayed here for 20 years, to be honest. Without students and that interaction, my job would be just like any other office job.”

When asked about which achievement or contribution for the campus he’s most proud of, Calvin answered, “I think we’re doing a great service to the region that we serve by being able to provide students with either certificates, jobs, or the opportunity to transfer on to get their four year degree, doing it all in a way that supports students. Just that whole feel of our college supporting students is something that I’m proud of.”

While working as our superintendent and president, Brent Calvin shared his passion for supporting students with the rest of the COS campus, making sure students flourish in both their academic and professional careers.

“I would like to be remembered as someone who supported students and staff alike, doing his best to put others first.”