The Batman (2022) Review

This article features spoilers for The Batman (2022)

A new Batman is brought to theaters. With Robert Patterson at the mantle to take on this dark and mysterious role.

This new iteration of Batman plays an alternate route of plot compared to the other Batman movies. Batman (2022), doesn’t heavily involve the vigilante’s origin story as other movies have. Instead, the movie enters straight into the present day plot points that factor into the story as a whole.

Batman (2022) contributes a balancing act between action and detective plots. For a DCU movie, the cross-over of both the dark visuals and detective events play well together.

As for characters, the relationship developed with Batman and Catwoman contribute to how they are motivated in their journey. Although the relations with other characters such as, The Penguin have little involvement with one another, Batman (2022) still takes the necessary routes to produce a good plot.

Yet even with the interesting developments between characters and style of the movie, it does come with its flaws.

Batman (2022) has moments that make the movie run slow. There are often scenes where Bruce Wayne slowly walks into a room. As well as a lot of staring scenes that make the scenes expand much longer than they need to.

As a whole, Batman (2022) still comes out to be one of the greatest movies of the year so far.

Rating: 8/10