COS Feels Like Home for This Staff Member

By Jackie Schuster and Karina Magana


Jackie Schuster

Clerical assistant Vanessa Lopez posing in front of St. Patrick’s Day decorations in the Access and Ability Center

For Vanessa Lopez, a clerical assistant in the College of the Sequoias Access and Ability Center, COS has always felt like home.

Lopez attended COS beginning in the fall semester of 2017, working in the COS Welcome Center while she worked towards her degree.

After finishing two years at COS, Lopez transferred to Fresno State where she completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Lopez then came back to COS in August of 2021, to begin her work as a clerical assistant.

On her decision to return to COS, Lopez said, “it was always my plan to come back here and give back to my community.”

The Access and Ability Center provides services such as academic and career counseling, giving students alternative media for course materials, and test accommodations.

As a clerical assistant, Lopez completes tasks like scheduling students for counseling appointments, supervising student workers, sending emails, and helping students fill out the intake forms.

“It’s really rewarding to make that relationship with students,” she said. “It feels like we’re really helping them. Sometimes it feels like they can’t advocate for themselves so to be able to help them is a gift.”

Lopez repeatedly expressed her love for both her job and COS. In the future, she is considering getting her masters degree so that she can become an academic counselor in the Access and Ability Center.

“It feels like home here.” Lopez said.

To receive services from the Access and Ability Center, head to this link to fill out the intake forms.