Nature Around Campus: Hot Lips Flower

Salvia microphylla, the scientific name for this pink, red and white flower shrub, is also known as ‘Hot Lips’.

It is part of the salvia (sages) family. The plant is classified as an herbaceous perennial. Perennial plants grow for three seasons or more, and herbaceous plants have non-woody stems, as herbaceous perennials, in the winter the plant shrinks from its original height to ground level. But, it survives due to root systems underground.

Bloom time for this plant happens during summer to fall. This plant attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and other insects, and only needs an average amount of water. This North American Native plant smells like mint when the leaves are crushed.

So, stop by the Ponderosa building to see these beautiful shrubs. Nature is everywhere if only you look.