Bad Bunny: ‘El Último Tour Del Mundo’ Concert

Fans all over the world waited two years to attend one of most global streamed artists ‘Bad Bunny’. Due to the pandemic his fans didn’t get to experience his concerts until last month. Bad Bunny debuted his tour “El Último Tour Del Mundo ” on February 9, 2022 in Denver, Colorado.

On February 24, at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles, Bad Bunny delivered one of his best concerts. He pulled up into the concert with his iconic Big Rig Truck, which eventually turned into a platform staged. Bad Bunny paid tribute to one of his idols Kobe Bryant by wearing a purple and yellow quilted jacket with his Kobe Bryant jersey underneath. As some of us know, the Staples Center changed its name to Crypto Arena.

Bad Bunny stated, “This will always be the Staples Center, this is forever Kobe’s house, he built his legacy.”

Bad Bunny included his recent album with “El Último Tour the Mundo” following with his most streamed album “Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana” which means “I do what I want”. He performed ‘Una Vez’ with rapper Mora and the crowd went wild. He also performed ‘Lo Siento BB’, ‘Volvi’ and closed the night off with Dakiti.

Before leaving backstage he thanked his fans for sticking with him and supporting him in all of his dreams.

Bad Bunny also stated, “Believe in your dreams, hard work pays off, I am just a kid from Puerto Rico and here I am blessed to perform here and everywhere across the world.”

“Gracias por creer en mí, buenas noches.”

His concert was filled with alot of emotions, gratitude and one hell of a concert. He will continue his tour until his last destination in Miami, Florida on April 1st.