Super Bowl LVI: Halftime Show

Super Bowl LVI brought us the return of the beloved game to California and one of the most memorable halftime shows in history.

Dr. Dre’s Pepsi Halftime Show exceeded the expectations of those who were eagerly waiting for the old-school hip hop experience since its announcement back in 2021. Sharing the headline with Dr. Dre was the sensational Snoop Dogg backed by all star music legends Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and surprise guest 50 Cent.

For about the past 5 years the Super Bowl Halftime Shows have been on a steady decline of interest, most notably in the recent Super Bowls LIV and LV.

For those who can surprisingly recall the show, the 2020 Pepsi Halftime Show was a rushed and cluttered flash of brief dancing sequences and choppy segments of songs performed by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

Not only was this show too swift, but the headliners just didn’t strike well with the audience.

In 2021, during our first year into the pandemic, we were all given a somewhat-slightly-better follow up to what J-Lo and Shakira did, however it was just too boring trying to keep up watching The Weeknd huff through belting his greatest hits all while trying to cram as many visuals from his music videos as he could.

Here in 2022, the Pepsi Halftime Show knew to listen to the audience rather than listen to whoever the world was drooling about at the time.

Dr. Dre took audiences back to 90’s South Central Los Angeles in an all white street setting, where he and Snoop opened the extravagant event with the iconic West Coast anthem “The Next Episode.”

Soon after, fellow 90s icons 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, and Eminem followed.

Anyone who can remember the days of making mixtapes for your crushes lost their mind when hits like “California Love,” “In Da Club,” “California Love,” “Lose Yourself,” and of course, the masterpiece that is “Still D.R.E.”

This year’s Halftime show wasn’t only reliant on nostalgic acts to appeal to the crowd. Many music heads across the world were excited to see Kendrick Lamar, modern day rap intellect, make an appearance at the Pepsi Halftime Show.

Coming out of his hiatus from the music industry, Kendrick performed songs from the renowned album “good kid, m.A.A.d. City,” and was met with intense reactions from the crowd and online.

In the world of hip hop, this show was also a platform for Snoop to broadcast his most recent monumental achievement in his career. A few days before Super Bowl LVI, Snoop Dogg acquired infamous hip hop record label Death Row Records which he announced big changes for in the near future.

Snoop Dogg made sure those at the So-Fi Stadium knew of his huge win by flexing his new chain which features the cover art for his most recent album “Back on Death Row Records.”