Vaccine, Booster and Covid-19 Testing


Daria Smith

Nurse Courtnie Farr(right) and Melanie Guzman (left) working with Elite medical and College of the Sequoias to administer Covid-19 vaccines and testing.

Go get your booster, vaccine, or Covid-19 testing in the Quad

Across the library, at the outdoor stage area under a blue tent, or in front of the activities and ID building is a booth administering station for Covid-19 testing and vaccines.

“ Being on campus provides those students who maybe don’t have time to go to a pharmacy, or are not able to find one [and] it definitely gives those people an opportunity to come get tested,” Nurse Courtnie Farr,working with Elite Medical says, while she starts setting up at 8 am, students already begin getting in line.

Available times for vaccination and testing are from 9 am-2 pm Monday through Thursday, unless there is a school holiday. The services are also welcome to the public.

What you will need to bring with you is medical insurance information, if that is not possessed, both a social security number and Driver’s ID (or regular ID) must be brought to the appointment, or a Mexico ID card. If a student is under 18 years old they will need to bring a parent or guardian with them.

Farr and her colleague Melanie Guzman help patients in line for Covid-testing. It takes 10 minutes to acquire results, so Farr tells patients to set a timer on their phone because there are so many people getting tested it can be hard to keep track. For the time being the Health center does not have any at home Covid-19 test kits.

“Do your research on both vaccines, and whichever one you feel is best for you to take,” says Nurse Courtnie Farr, as she explains to me that the only vaccines they are offering are Moderna and Pfizer.

There will also be a handout available at the pop-up tent explaining the pros and cons of the vaccine, as Farr explains she is there to give the information, but ultimately it is the students who make the choice to get vaccinated.