Analogue Horror Slowly Makes A Comeback

For the past few years, horror has been a popular genre of games and movies for all ages. Which has grown at a surprising rate to which some feel as if they’ve been desensitized to it. Yet in this growth of horror, a specific one stands out that appeals most to the world, Analogue Horror. This strange horror genre has taken a leap in popularity as of the first month of 2022. Which is not without its merits, as this genre has taken an interest in the minds of every individual who has come across this horror fashion. Analogue horror may have a good run for this year as there are many aspects that make it both astonishing and anxiety inducing.

Analogue horror is defined as a genre of horror that is witnessed through an older style of recording. Usually through old video recorders such as VHS tapes that this genre is visually identified as. Some older varieties of this genre are shows such as Lost Tapes and movies like The Blair Witch. The reason as to what makes this specific genre terrifying is how connected it is to the real world. Out of these two specific examples, they take place as a real recording out in the forests and any outdoor locations mainly at night. Due to this, one may believe that something strange could have actually happened to these real people. These aspects were one of the most fascinating things to witness during that time and even to this day people develop extensive takes on analog horror.

As of now, analog horror has become more available to the individual to witness. Usually finding analog horror in forms of videos for Youtube. Which consists of the reason why people have taken a hold of the analog horror genre as of the last few months. Some of the most popular forms that have stemmed from the media for this amount of time is a place called The Backrooms. The Backrooms was originally a scary game categorized as a “Creepy Pasta,” which is a form of story-telling made with the intent to be scary and confusing. It was later developed into a video-style analog recording. More so, The Backrooms is a location that exists outside of the real world and someone could clip through into this place. Other recent forms of analog horror is what a specific Youtube creator Alex Kister calls, “The Mandela Catalogue,” in which is a collection of videos with strange police procedures in dealing with strange occurrences. It’s a phenomenal representation of a world that it supposed to be real as well as showing a slight twist of fiction.

The thrills and chills that one could get from such a scary scenario as Anolog Horror, is why there is so much in the modern day, and hopefully this genre will go for longer. This feeling that these “recordings” are things lost in the real world, making them feel as if people actually had these experiences. With a genre like this, it’s sometimes hard to say if some of these analog recording are plainly fiction or if these are some realistic finds that make people question if it’s either. Analog horror is a perfect choice of a scare genre, as it is less about jump scares and more about the eerie effects that they have on an individual when observing it.