Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Review

(SPOILERS for Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City)

5 years since the last installment of the 2000’s series of Resident Evil movies led by actor Milla Jovovich, we have received a reboot of the beloved 90’s horror/survival video game franchise. Upon its release, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City generated mixed reviews among both movie critics and hardcore Resident Evil fans. Is this first chapter in a new horror story a film that does justice to the old games or is it yet again another video game movie flop?

The Good
With the movie being based on the first two games, the movie is packed with fun references and subtle nods to the original video games for the PlayStation 1, from memorable scenery to iconic moments from the game recreated on screen. The movie found a way to be able to touch upon both stories occurring at the same time while doing the storytelling of the original two narratives justice. Familiar yet slightly altered characters and their personas are enough to keep the audience entertained through the whole two hours of laughs and zombie guts. Not to mention the combination of modern special effects with classic zombie horror is something that will give old and new fans of the Resident Evil franchise a bold taste of this new interpretation.

The Bad
Although Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City does its best to go through the story of both original games, there were some bumps that showed the flaws and extra potential this movie had. When describing the story of William Birkin, a scientist who becomes infected with his own virus and becomes the mutated behemoth we all remember, almost little effort was put into his character. Although we do get to see him as he is in the process of being mutated, they kill him off before he can get to his final form. And though being a major character in the game’s story, Dr. Birkin only has a small amount of screen time. During the parts of the movie that took place during the first game, the storytelling grew weak (something replaced by action/horror sequences). Die-hard fans of Resident Evil will also fail to find out that only around half of the monsters from the video games make their terrifying appearance on screen.

The first film in the new installments of Resident Evil reboot movies is a fun ride for those who are more passionate about the fun and fear of the original horror games. The cheesy dialogue and excessive gore is enough to have movie aficionados cringing, but longtime fans of the series cheering on their favorite apocalypse heroes.