COS become bowl eligible with win over Shasta College


Benjamin Haywood III

Box Score: COS vs Shasta College

On November 20th, the COS Giants played an away game against Shasta College, which ended in a 27-26 instant classic that sent COS to their first bowl game with Head Coach Burkett at the helm. This game was back and forth all the way through, with the Sequoias managing to beat out the Knights by a single point via an exhilarating blocked extra point.

The game, by scoring per each quarter, went as follows:

1Q – Sequoias – Nathan Lamb slung a 6 yard pass to Bryson Allen for a touchdown, and Alberto Nunez missed the extra point. The drive lasted 2 plays over 15 yards all within the first minute of the game.

1Q – Shasta – Toren Tuttle fired a 34 yard pass to Josiah Graham for the Knights first score of the game, bringing the score to 6-6 after the attempt on the extra kick was failed. The Drive lasted 6 plays, and totaled 62 yards.

2Q – Shasta – Tyler Carey scored on a 1-yard run into the end zone, and the extra point was good, putting the Knights up 14-7 on 13 plays through 70 yards. The score would stay this way until the end of the half.

3Q – Sequoias – Nathan Lamb did it himself with a 6 yard run, and a completed extra point tied the game 14-14 after 11 plays, and 76 yards, with 8 minutes left to play in the quarter.

3Q – Shasta – Trevahn Foster took a 30 yard pass from Toren Tuttle into the end zone for a touchdown, and the extra kick was good, bringing the score up to 13 – 20 on 7 plays with 81 yards in total.

3Q – Sequoias – Jaedyn Pineda ran in an 8 yard pass from Nathan Lamb, and the extra point was good. This tied the game up at 20-20 with 11 seconds left to play. The drive lasted 4 minutes total with 10 plays and 71 yards.

4Q – Sequoias – QB Nathan Lamb scores yet another touchdown on a 1 yard run, and the extra point was good, which might just be the most important detail of this entire game. The drive lasted 10 plays in 61 yards.

4Q – Shasta – In the last scoring play of the game, Tyler Carey ran in a long 63 yard pass from Toren Tuttle and scored a huge touchdown for the knights. After seemingly tying the game up though, the extra point kick from Dennis Perez was blocked. This left the score of the game at 27-26, where the Sequoias would go on to win.

The scoring was pretty evenly matched this game, although something interesting to point out is that even though the Sequoias were only 5 for 16 in third down conversions, good for 31%, while Shasta sat at 46%.

Travis Burkett told The Campus in a recent interview that his team needed to improve not just in the amount of times that they can convert a third down into a first down, but how much they could create situations of explosive plays, which the coach described as the “Explosive Play Differential”.

The Giants certainly competed hard in that respect today. Capitalizing on the opportunities that they had, even though they may not have come as frequently as they would have liked, was something that the Sequoias would have wanted.

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