What If? Ep. 2 Review and Reaction


T’Challa becomes Starlord, The Robinhood of the Universe

The What If series has brought yet another curious episode of possibility in the Marvel Universe. In this episode, fellow Marvel fans and viewers will see the universe of Starlord in the name of another person. Originally, Starlord is a man named Peter Quill who was from Missouri on Earth, only this time it’s T’Challa of Wakanda.

This change to the universe adds both the ideology of T’Challa as a character and the work of the original Starlord which in turn created a new image to the title of Starlord. T’Challa becomes the Robinhood of the Universe where instead of stealing and selling stolen resources for himself and the Ravagers that he has under his hand, he does it to benefit those who are incapable of having such resources. It’s not too unexpected from the character that is T’Challa who would have become the Black Panther in the normal timeline. It’s a fun episode to watch and change the overall actions of characters and how they present themselves to others.

Although, with some of the good that comes out of this episode, some of the events that play great levels of change have a vague, strange alternative. A big sight of change was the alterations to Thanos, who indeed was the cause of the last couple of Avenger’s movies for Infinity War and Endgame. The episode describes how Thanos has a change of thought about acting on his beliefs of removing half of life from the universe, but the scene briefly describes how T’Challa was capable of changing his mind. Stating that T’Challa was able to convince a rigorous leader into dropping his plan and become one of his followers. This goes against the idea of the fearful, powerful Mad Titan that is Thanos.

Overall, the episode presents many shifts in the peaceful environment of the universe. Most people who would originally be afraid of one another or wanted to rid the others of existence now live in a time where they can cooperate. As T’Challa was once a leader of Wakanda who fought for his home, he instead was able to lead people in the right direction in their choices of life. Of course, the series doesn’t go without its pursuit of bad events as there are still those characters who look to break things down and ruin the peace.

Rating 8/10