Hanford Spirit Halloween opens at the Mall


Hannah Escalera

Spirit Halloween at the Hanford Mall.

Hanford Spirit Halloween Relocates to Mall

For years the popular seasonal Halloween store has been hopping from one empty store to another, and this year it makes its way into the Hanford Mall.

The popular hang-out center closes at 8 PM, but Spirit Halloween has chosen to be accessible from outside shoppers only, meaning it stays open till 10 PM, which is great news for late-night shoppers.

Unfortunately, the store has lost its good reviews because of the “high prices”. The prices are more on the expensive side, much like the costumes you find on Amazon. Yet, when you approach the mall you’ll find the parking lot next to the Spirit Halloween entrance filled with vehicles.

Prices don’t beat availability, you can either wait a month after Halloween for an amazon costume to come in or pay full prices for what you could get from a short drive.
Looking at the quality of the products, their costumes are quite nice, they have fitting rooms, and it is easy to find something you like. From kids costumes to party outfits, it’s a better bet than looking through the disorganized shelves at Walmart for something only a 5-year-old can wear.
Now the only thing Mall shoppers are going to look for is the next store that is going to find its way into the spot when Spirit Halloween leaves. Maybe a Christmas store will replace the old Forever 21 this December.

Hanford students looking for a place to find their costumes could enjoy a movie, visit one of the many restaurants in the mall, and proceed to enjoy looking for halloween decor and outfits. Both Spirit Halloween and the Hanford Mall are requiring masks upon entry.

Spirit Halloween’s usual close date is November 2nd, but if you are in the mood for something spooky after the fact, there is always their website.