Women’s History Month


Graphic by Carin Mendoza Via Canva

Women’s History Month was created to celebrate and appreciate women’s accomplishments throughout history. How can Women’s History Month be celebrated by the individual? With the pandemic still in full swing and face-to-face events are on hold, here are some ways to celebrate from home or online. 

Here are 10 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month

  1. Be aware and spread awareness of women’s issues.
  2. Create visibility and post on social media.
  3. Appreciate and thank the women in your life.
  4. Host online group events to stream movies and tv shows with women lead or directed by women.

Movies like “Little Women” directed by Greta Gerwig, and “Lady Bird” starring Saoirse Ronan. TV shows like “Euphoria” starring Zendaya Coleman, and “High Fidelity” series starring Zoë Kravitz.

  1. Stream and support women artists, songwriters, and producers on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. 
  2. Seek out women of color content creators to learn about related issues that affect women all over the world.
  3. Seek out and support women-owned businesses.
  4. Support women authors, writers, and podcasts.
  5. For immediate action support women-led nonprofits for women.
  6. Explore and discuss the accomplishments of women in science, arts, and sports.