A Look Back at One Of The School’s President’s

The school year is 1985 – 1986, Lincoln H. Hall is College of the Sequoias’ Superintendent and President. His picture is proudly displayed on the second page of the school catalog for that year, just after a picture of the school itself.

Lincoln H. Hall COS President 83-91

COS Catalog

Lincoln H. Hall COS President 83′-91′

Lincoln Hall had a successful career prior to coming to COS, originally from Santa Paula, CA where he attended and graduated high school in 1945. Lincoln Hall would go on to serve in the United States Navy, assigned to a patrol craft during WWII in the Philippines. That would not conclude his service to his country however, Lincoln Hall would return to the Navy during the Korean War returning to another round of training and eventually would be stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Between enlistments, Lincoln Hall attended two community colleges within California and would go on to gain his B.S. degree in Finance and Economics from UCLA. After his second enlistment was completed and while working and living in Oakland, CA Lincoln Hall made the decision to enter education and become a professor. Completed night school at UC Berkeley to obtain his teaching credential and started his educational career at Antioch High School teaching history, economics, and civics.

1957 is when Lincoln Hall joined the COS family as a Professor of Economics, one COS faculty would go on to become a true family member when he married fellow COS professor of business Gerry Vogel only 3 short years after starting COS, in 1960 and would stay married for 60 years! (A true COS fairytale).

While all these things alone are great accomplishments on their own right, let alone when combined, Lincoln Hall was not done quite yet. During his time at COS, he had once again returned to school and completed his Doctorate in Education at USC. Something that would eventually lead Lincoln Hall to return to the COS faculty in 1983 as superintendent until his retirement in 1991.

At the time of his service to the school, COS had been open for almost 60 years, serving more than three thousand square miles at the time. The school itself sat on 55 acres and had the 160-acre COS farm during Lincoln Hall’s term as COS President. Lincoln Hall had dedicated his life to service from the U.S. Navy to education, giving some of that dedication to COS students during his time with the school.