WandaVision Review 2

What Has Happened So Far?

WandaVision Review 2

Three more episodes have since been released of WandaVision and the show has definitely taken a spin for the better. If you have not seen the first three episodes, do not read this article because there may be possible spoilers.

WandaVision is available to stream on Disney+. The first four episodes were released back in January, and the other two were released in February. Disney+ will be releasing new episodes until the beginning of March. This show stars Avengers Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany as Vision. Other characters have since been introduced since the first three episodes. Some characters that have been introduced are Pietro Maximoff played by Evan Peters, Darcy Lewis played by Kat Dennings, and Monica Rambeau played by Teyonah Parris.

The story follows Wanda Maximoff and Vision throughout their life in the suburbs. From the first three episodes, it seemed like the characters were living a normal life, but it turns out they are living in a tv sitcom. Wanda is in control of everything in her world, and this means the people living in it and what occurs in it also. She wants everything done her way, although Vision’s goal is to free the town from her power.

In the second episode, a small helicopter is sent to the town of Westview where Wanda and Vision live. She approaches the helicopter in confusion. In the fourth episode, it is explained where it came from. It was sent from S.W.O.R.D. headquarters and this is where the idea was first introduced that S.W.O.R.D. wanted to free the town.
Wanda and Vision are now also parents, and their children discover their powers. Her son Tommy has the same power as her twin brother Pietro, and that is speed. Her other son, Billy, has powers closely related to her’s. Wanda has the power to alter reality, which is exactly what she does in the town of Westview. I like the idea of Wanda having twins as she is herself a twin.

Wanda’s costumes follow along with the suburb look, but with the release of the next three episodes, we were finally able to see her original Avengers look when she leaves her world to enter the real world. This was done because she wanted to confront the people who were trying to change her world. We also saw Vision’s original Avengers costume as well. The costume choices in the show overall for each character were a good match for their personalities, and also matched the vibe of the town of Westview.

This show is rated TV-PG and now has 8.1/10 stars according to IMDb.com. Each episode is still approximately 30 minutes long. Just when you think the first set of episodes are good, the next three are even better. There are many new events that have occurred in the show that make it a great and enjoyable watch.