The Los Angeles Black History Month Event is Moving Online

In its 4th year under operation, the Los Angeles black history month festival is undergoing a massive change to being a virtual event due to COVID. The Festival is set to take place on February 21st, from 4 pm-9 pm. You can catch the live stream on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. It’ll also be broadcasted on the official site here.

The festival will include musical performances by Reggae bands The Fari Soldiers and Ijahaken, African fusion music from Jerri Jheto, and Gospel singer Voice Rodgers. There will also be speakers Dr.Patricia Adelekan, Aziz, and authors of the book “Super Duper Cape” Donte and Jevona Wade. There will also be showcases of art and other contributions made by the African American community.

The festival moving online is a bummer for some aspects, such as you won’t get to experience the great authentic African food from vendors or the vibrant atmosphere. However, the big pull from the online event is that anybody can attend from anywhere, not just people who live in and near LA.

COVID has made it so difficult to properly celebrate almost anything, but some opportunities still arise from the face of these hardships. For celebration and interesting info for black history month, is only a click away on February 21st at