Impeachment Trial – Differing Opinions


If The Narrative Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit

Jordan Callison Reporter

The Democrat Party has again wasted precious time impeaching former President Trump instead of focusing on the American people struggling amid a pandemic. In a 57-43 vote on the charge of “incitement of insurrection”, the Senate acquitted the former President, falling short of the two-thirds majority needed. Trump is the only President in history to be impeached and acquitted twice, and the third President to be impeached following Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson.

The biggest reason why Trump wasn’t convicted was because the incitement was very difficult to prove. After his speech in Washington DC, Trump called for his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” march down to the Capitol, and at no point did he ever call for violence. As an American, it is our first amendment right to speak out, on either side of the aisle, against our government and those in power.

On the day of the capitol rebellion, the President and his team sent out a mass text message calling for “No violence, no lawbreaking, and no vandalism”, yet the media continued to push the narrative that Trump was encouraging his supporters to act out.

What happened at the Capitol building last month was no different than the 2018 Women’s March occupying the senate building. That same year, protestors stormed the Supreme Court against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh because in America you are “guilty until proven innocent” in the eyes of a social justice warrior. Last year, BLM attempted to siege the White House leaving many secret service agents injured. Let’s also not forget the 100-day siege of the Portland Federal building. The media chooses not to highlight these events because it would ultimately make the left appear hypocritical.

The history books will likely fabricate the storming of the Capitol as the day America started to decline. The inconvenient truth is that America died the day its citizens began to tear down its statues, burn down its cities, and cry fallacies of oppression. The United States of America is the greatest country in the world and it is a privilege to be able to live here.

Donald Trump was a great president that put America first. The only misfortune to come from his presidency was that he was unable to give Joe Exotic a presidential pardon. He should still be in the office, and it is the fault of the uninformed voter that he isn’t.

Voters will soon realize the consequences of the candidate they chose for office.

Hold on to your constitutions, patriots, Obama’s third term is just getting started.



This Is Not What Our Founding Fathers Had In Mind For Free Speech.

Nathalie Mead, Editor In Chief

While Trump was acquitted in his 2nd impeachment trials, not holding them would have sent a bigger message to the American people and the entire world than this acquittal could have.

Trump is part of an exceedingly small and exclusive Presidents that were special enough to be impeached twice in his Presidency, Yes, he was acquitted twice but that is largely due to dated wording of the Constitution that was not prepared for such a technologically advanced nation. While I believe Trump knew what his words and use of social media would produce, he also knew that simply stating certain phases online would allow him to claim a different intent with his rhetoric.

The goal of this impeachment along with holding him accountable and ensuring that the message of this will not be tolerated by anyone is sent. Impeachment would also bar Trump from being able to re-run for President along with removing his pension given to all Presidents for life after they leave the office.

Lives were lost at the Capitol riots, from both sides, and it was members of Congress from both sides that voted yes. Including 7 Republicans which was a jump from the last impeachment. Also followed by some stern words from Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, who for the most part and out of fear had always backed the Trump administration. People from both sides of the party and those who in the past backed the Trump administration are also speaking out and agreeing, what took place at the Capitol was not ok. The product of continued buildup of bad rhetoric and lies from Trump during his entire Presidency and even more so leading up to and on the day of the attacks.

While some may say this is no different from the BLM movement and some of their protests becoming riots and out of hand. And yes, they would be correct but by no means do I and most people support the BLM movement causing destruction and mayhem, doing so cause any message any group may have to be lost in the violence. And as most did during BLM calling for accountability and justice for those who were adversely affected or had business and homes destroyed to be held accountable it is no different now. If at all more important as Trump was in a position of great power as a sitting President of the United States.

Rioters themselves testified stating that they were following the words of their President, that had he not told them to come to the Capitol they would not have, they simply followed what their President had told them. So how can we not hold him responsible or at least attempt to address the issue and ensure some accountability is held across the board. These attacks and his Presidency if anything has taught the nation that some of our laws and regulations may not be equipped to handle the ever-advancing tech society we have today.