Anti-Valentine’s Day Opinion

Opinion: Not Another Valentine’s Day


Graphic by Carin Mendoza Via Canva

Valentine’s Day is more than overrated, it’s unnecessary. Now that sounds bitter and yes, full of resentment but at the end of the day all you have is a huge bill and unrealistic standards to compete with. To be clear, there is no harm in the concept of the holiday, in which we appreciate our loved ones and tell them what they mean to us. Yet, it seems uncalled for when something as profound as a declaration of love platonic or romantic is advertised and pushed on to people.

Especially young adults who feel the need and pressure to be in a relationship. Romantic love is exposed to young adults in all of entertainment. It places being single or not looking to be in a romantic relationship as a problem that could be solved with effort. Like being single is a negative aspect of life and being alone is a result of something being wrong with you or other people. When in reality it is a very normal thing and experience.

This holiday also proves materialistic with spending on significant others. From big lavish surprises to flowers and chocolate but the expense is always there. The pressure from outside influence where giving gifts to prove affection is expected and held against each other. In order for a Valentine’s Day product to be sold it needs to sell the idea that commitment and actions in daily life for a couple are not enough to show love. That there needs to be more and when it’s known to everyone else that you love them, only then is it real.

Showing someone that you love them does not lie in buying material things. Is it a nice way to show it? Yes, but not necessary. Show love to others in ways you know they’ll feel appreciated and do not feel limited to a single day in the year to show it.