Super Bowl 55 Preview

Super Bowl LV Preview: Can Tom Brady conjure up more Super Bowl Magic?

Super Bowl LV is here and what was quite easily the most bizarre football season ever, which is fitting for how 2020 went anyways. COVID, limited fans in attendance, and masks on the sidelines aside, we finally eliminated 30 teams and are now just down to 2. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers being led by their new quarterback Tom Brady, who himself is definitely not new to the Super bowl. This one is his 10th super bowl appearance in his illustrious career with Tom having a total record of 6-3 in the big game. Tom Brady is now 43 years old, if he were to win, he would break the record for oldest player to win a Super Bowl, breaking his own record when he was 41.

Their opponent is the reigning Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs led by young stud quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who with him throwing bullets to teammates Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, managed the best regular-season record out of any team. But who has the upper hand in this highly contested matchup?

Although Tom Brady has become a staple to Super Bowls, The Buccaneers haven’t reached the big game since winning it in 2002, which was their only appearance ever. This inexperience to the majority of the squad can perhaps be a disadvantage for them. Besides Tom Brady, only 8 other Bucs players have been to a Super Bowl, four of them only being starters. Even though the Super Bowl pedigree might not be there for the Bucs, they do have a great mixture of youth and experience on the team on both sides of the ball. On the offense, you got the football version of Batman and Robin with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Partners in crime up in New England who together won three super bowls. Brady also has top wide receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin to his arsenal. With Ronald Jones and an on fire as of late Leonard Fournette in the backfield. The Bucs defense is the perfect mix of youth and experience with great young players in Antione Winfield Jr, Devin White, and Sean Murphy-Bunting. The experience in this defense is very apparent with Jason Pierre Paul, Ndamukong Suh, and Lavonte David. The old phrase of “Defense wins Championships” if true favors the Bucs here, but it’ll be tough against the Chief’s high powered offense.

The Chiefs are reigning super bowl champions for a reason and it’s largely due to them having the most electric offense in the league. Patrick Mahomes at only 25 years old seems to be forming into an all-time great quarterback. With his rocket for an arm, good decision making, and ability to make plays on the move, every-down has the chance for a big gain. Helping his efforts is Tyreek Hill, also known by his nickname “Cheetah” for being one of the fastest players in the NFL. When these teams matched up earlier in the year, Tyreek had a very impressive 13 catches for 269 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Bucs. Mahomes also has the best tight end in the league Travis Kelce as a nice security blanket. The Chiefs also have a good defense with pillars on the front and back with Chris Jones and Tyrann Mathieu.

The Chiefs beat the Bucs earlier in the season 27-24 but I think the Bucs have progressed as a team much more since then. In my prediction, I have Tom Brady and the Bucs beating Mahomes and the Chiefs 35-28, with Tom Brady winning Super Bowl MVP.