The True Cost of College, President Biden’s 100 Day’s Education Plan

President Biden’s 100 Day plan includes education reform, higher pay for teachers, better and wider access to resources and free tuition at the community college level, and addressing the true cost of tuition.

On Thursday morning California Community College Chancellor Eloy Oakley was interviewed on MSNBC regarding President Biden’s education plan, and the push to make not only California community college’s tuition-free but all community colleges across the United States tuition-free.

With the First Lady having spent most of her life working in education and holding a PhD in education, it is no surprise that education reform is top priority for the Biden Administration and for good reason according to CCC Chancellor Eloy Oakley as he stated during his Thursday morning MSNBC interview “Cost is definitely a barrier” citing issues such as rise in rent, transportation, and overall cost of living as barriers keeping thousands of people from accessing post-secondary education.

Among tuition-free community colleges the Biden Administration plans to address other cost relation issues within education such as student debt relief and cracking down on lenders who use student loans to profit off of students and eliminating racial funding gaps and increasing teacher diversity.

However before any of these issues can be addressed the White House will need to address how to get students back into classrooms safely and effectively for this coming school year.

The Biden Administration has vowed to put education reform at the forefront of their first 100 days in office with promises of raises for professors and widely accessible resources for all students regardless of their demographics. The Biden Administration believes the United States economy relies on accessible higher education for all.