Student Activities and Affairs

COS programs and staff are here to help!


Carin Mendoza

Graphic Designed by Carin Mendoza

The student activities and affairs office would like to remind students that the campus office is closed this spring 2021 semester. ID cards are not being processed and transit stickers are not being distributed. For transportation needs make sure your transit fee is taken care of and to get your transit card visit to start the process.

The Student Success Program is there to help students who have questions about registration, academics, or navigating Canvas. They also have a zoom room available from Monday through Friday 10 am to 2 pm. The Giant Dream is also here to advise students who have questions about recent immigration laws or need legal advice.

The Transfer and Career Center is here to help those who have questions or need help with transferring or info on a career path. They are also hosting a hiring event on February 17th and 18th. For more information head to the COS website.

COS counseling appointments can be made through the COS website and can be done through zoom or phone calls. A zoom room is also available to help with the process of making an appointment. For those who are graduating this semester a reminder to make a counseling session to apply for graduation before February 18th.

Be sure to check with the Access and Ability Center and EOPS Program for further support and to see if you qualify. Details are on the COS Website under Student Support.