Some COS Students are Now Teachers During the Pandemic.

Teaching may not have been their major, but they are doing it anyway.

Distant learning has been an adjustment for all COS students and professors, however, some students are now faced with the challenges of distance learning and ensuring their own children make it through their online classes.
With week three of the spring semester already underway, this also means that for the population of COS students who are also parents, their kids are also back in school as well. Meaning that students are left with not only juggling their class schedule and homework assignments but that of their children also. A lot of California school districts do not have a solid date for reopening for in-person classes, but one thing is for sure that at least for the remainder of this school year most will continue and finish the school year distant learning.
I reached out to several COS students who are also parents attempting to navigate both roles within distant learning, student, and teacher. Nearly 100 students responded to a recent Facebook poll I conducted on the COS Giant Student Connection Facebook Page, about half of those students were parents with at least 1 child of their own also doing distant learning at home.
Full-time student and sophomore at COS Makayla Martinez has 1 of her 2 children doing distance learning from home with her. Makayla is left to manage her schooling and studies while also one of her children’s schooling. Not to mention ensuring that her youngest is cared for and entertained so that both Gabriel and her school-age child can get done what they need to for the day.
Mothers are not the only ones feeling the stress of performing both jobs. I spoke with Gabriel Gomez who is a sophomore at COS and a father of 3 children. Gabriel has 2 of his 3 children currently doing homeschooling with him, Gabriel is a full-time student and like most COS student-parents has returned to school to gain a better education and job to provide for his family. Like a lot of other student-parents Gabriel says it can be overwhelming and filled with anxiety at times.
Both Gabriel and Makayla state that they feel the school should do more to support the population of students who are also parents and have school-aged kids. Citing that most of the professors have been understanding and accommodating but overall could do a better job at understanding the situation these students have been placed in.