What Kamala Harris’ Win Means For California

Efrain Aguirre, Managing Editor

After a prolonged period of vote counting, Joe Biden has been projected to win the 2020 presidential election. He will serve as the 46th president of The United States alongside his Vice President, California Senator Kamala Harris. Harris makes history as the first female, first African American, and first Indian American to assume the second-highest office in the land.

This historic win opens up a gap in the senate that needs to be filled. Harris was elected as one of California’s two senators, the other being Democrat Diane Feinstein. Under California law, Governor Gavin Newsom is responsible for appointing a replacement to fill out the remainder of her term.

When asked about who he would consider earlier in the year, he responded that he would wait to announce a decision until after the election took place. He has until January to make a decision, but is expected to nominate a Democratic person of color or member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Additionally, former governor Jerry Brown has speculated that Newsom may choose from someone holding a high office in California to double dip the appointment of new government officials. 

Names being thrown around include Secretary of State Alex Padilla, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Attorney General Xavier Berreca, Representative Barbra Lee, and Representative Karen Bass.

Control of the Senate hinges on a runoff election in Georgia and could determine the course of Biden’s presidency, as Mitch McConnel has been reelected and he has been a firm advisory of progressive policies during both the Obama and Trump administrations.

If Democrats flip the senate then they would control the white house, House of Representatives, and Senate. 

So, by the time Harris moves to the White House we should know the Senate majority and who will take her place.

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