Multicultural Week is in Full Swing at COS

Cassandra Ramirez, Sports Reporter

Celebrating the many different types of cultures on campus is one thing that brings our COS students and faculty together as one.

This week the EOPS program is hosting a Multi-Cultural Food Week.  Monday, November 16, kicked off the start of Multi-cultural week starting with Kerran Green cooking Jamaican Curry Chicken at 12pm. Yesterday, there was egg rolls and spring rolls to cooked up with Phaxi Yang. Hmmm… who doesn’t love veggies rolled up with meat while being deep fried?

Continuing our cultural week at COS, Wednesday calls for a Pre-Thanksgiving type of side dish with Kyran Wiley. cooking up Collard Greens, and Sausage Stuffing.

Looking towards the end of Multi-Cultural Week, we are wrapping things up on Thursday November 19, with Spam Musubi, being cooked by Kealoha Sakamoto.

If you love any of these dishes or would like to try them out, please go and visit COS Facebook Events to register for any day you’d like. Remember to attend campus safely and wear a mask the entire duration of your visit.