Online or In-Person: Here’s My Experience

Since spring semester, we have all been switched to online learning to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Online learning is not new, it has been around for more than a few years at COS, but how were students new to online affected by this transition, did they find it less difficult than others? Or was it easier for some to go online instead of in-person classes? 

This was my first time going fully online, and I did not put much mind into it, since I thought that this was only going to be a few months, probably end by summer, yet it just kept getting worse. I was able to finish the spring semester with what I had but knew that if we stayed online for the fall semester I would need to invest money into buying a better computer.

Online learning has always been difficult for me, I’m an active learner, and being at home was not going to be that easy for me.  I have tried many different techniques and none of them seem to work for me. I’m currently taking twenty credits, and to be honest, I may not be failing any of my classes, but my grades are not where I want them, or where they would be if the semester was in person.

OnI have four brothers leaving with me that are also taking online classes, and it sometimes gets a little distracting. But here is the thing, I either make the best out of it by finding new and better ways to study and concentrate, or my grades will not be where I want them. And just from looking at the news, this pandemic might just keep going for a while, which means that online learning will probably be too.