Opinion: Santa Has Come To Town Too Fast

In the midst of the pandemic and elections, it seems like we are having feelings of stress and overwhelmingly have no patience for the arrival of the upcoming holidays. While I am no grinch, I cannot help but feel as if Christmas is coming too early. 

Starting November first, my email started bursting out with (I kid you not) 40 marketing emails related to Black Friday shopping and Christmas. “Don’t wait in line, do your Christmas shopping now” stated one of the emails. 

Kelly Clarkson, announced earlier this week that she would be releasing covers, “I have another early Christmas gift for y’all! My version of Vince Vance & the Valiants’ “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is comin’ on November 13th.”

CBS announced their lineup of Christmas specials as well. 

I understand that people are sick and tired of COVID along with being swarmed with the immense anxiety that comes every four years with elections. As a society we cannot wait to hear Christmas songs and drink peppermint hot chocolate and fill with joy. 

This year has been full of somber and uncertainness. People want to put up their bright and shiny lights, pull their tree out of their cobwebbed garage, throw their Santa hat on, and call it a year. 

As a Christmas lover myself, I can honestly say I haven’t even finished my Halloween candy that I stole from my nephews. Let me put my turkey in my oven first! I thought Christmas started after Thanksgiving. 

Halloween, Turkey, shopping, then big, fat, jolly old fella. I feel overwhelmed by commercials, ads and emails coming from everywhere. I understand that retail lost millions when shopping centers closed down and businesses are eager to get some of that money back. But as a consumer, I feel like they are not respecting the scheduled timeline they usually have us on. Instant gratification is what it’s called.

Santa, please don’t come to town yet. Let my turkey bake.