Registration is Now Open: Information for New and International Students


Journalism class registration options available for Spring 2021.

Alejandro Horvilleur, Reporter/Photographer

Student enrollment has increased since many are now working from home. This could mean it’s going to be a matter of hours before the class you need is full. International students need to register in time for their classes since one of the requirements to be here is to have at least twelve units in their schedule.  

Keep in mind, the Spring and Summer semester will continue to be online.

Every semester there is a specific date when individual students can begin to register, and international students need to know those dates as the Fall semester is coming to an end.

Registration for the Spring semester begins November 2nd, but dates differ for each student, so it’s important that you check your Banner Web information. To access your registration date, go to “Student Records,” there you will find the “Registration Status” option. 

Right before the registration date emails are sent to let you know important registration information, it’s important that you set up your email account given to you by the college, important emails are sent through it every day. You can even link it to your personal emails so that when you receive an email from COS it will bounce straight to your personal email.

If you are having any problems registering for your classes, contact Regina Trevino from the Admissions & Records office at (559) 429-8870, where she will gladly walk you through the steps to register or fix any problems that you may have. If you are having trouble entering the Banner Web or you get locked out of your account you can contact the Welcome Center Outreach Specialist Brenda Contreras at 559-422-6593,​​ where she or one of her associates will help you change your passwords and recover your accounts.

During this time of the year, it is also very important for International students to know that if they are planning on traveling outside of the country, that their I20 needs to be signed by International Student Counseling technician Osiris Deleon at (559) 730-3970. If your I20 is not signed by here and you are planning on leaving the country, you will not be able to come back inside of the United States.

Research what classes you want to take before hand on the class search page so you are prepared when your registration date comes and we at The Campus wish you a seamless registration experience.