Opinion: A Comeback for Trump and an Opportunity for Biden, The Final Debate

Jordan Callison, Reporter

While the first debate was like a Saturday Night Live skit, the last Presidential Debate was everything a voter could have wanted.

The reception to the debate has been positive, with some declaring Biden the winner and others feeling that Trump helped his opponent pack his bags for the nursing home. 

During the much anticipated reunion, a true exchange of views was made between the two candidates. Biden spoke about character and empathy, Trump challenged Biden by criticizing his record as Vice President and his years in the senate. Surprising millions, Donald Trump was the most Presidential he has ever been in his nearly four years in office. 

Moderator Kristen Welker was the fair and balanced moderator that was needed from Chris Wallace in the first round. She was able to rein in both candidates when necessary and maintain professionalism. 

A standout moment of the night was when the two candidates went head to head on immigration. Biden voiced that the missing children separated from their parents was unacceptable, while Trump assured that he was doing everything he could to reunite those separated. 

Family separation at the border has been a new policy under the Trump administration, but most of the strict guidelines have been in place since the Obama Administration. 

“Who built the cages, Joe?” Trump asked in response to an attack from Biden on the President’s immigration policies. The question left the former Vice President baffled; during the Obama administration there were two a half million deportations; a record for any President.

There are no quick solutions to tackling climate change and both candidates addressed their plans going forward as the issue is a global concern. Biden admitted his desire to transition from the oil industry into renewable energy over time, which would cause millions of workers to lose their jobs and create new jobs in the process. He has also said that he intends to have the United States rejoin the Paris Climate agreement, a deal which Trump took the country out of because it was an enormous economic burden. 

The President praised the country on being energy independent and explained that carbon emissions are at their lowest in decades. 

Trump and his meetings with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un were brought up as Biden has criticized the President of being civil to dictators. Trump responded that having a good relationship with foreign leaders is a positive thing, Joe sparred that the United States had a good relationship with Hitler before World War II; which is false. Biden suggested that North Korea would need to get rid of their nuclear defenses for a true peace agreement.  

In the final moments of the debate, and one last effort to persuade voters across this country, Joe Biden spoke from his heart on why they should elect him to be the next President of the United States. It was a moment that Trump did not take to heighten or pitch himself, instead insisting to the people at home that re-election would mean a stronger America than before the virus swept across the nation. 

With many polls pointing towards a Biden victory, Trump is currently viewed as the underdog in this Presidential race. Some suggest that a repeat of the 2016 election could happen.  

Election day is November 3rd.