The Best Horror Films Netflix Has To Offer


Elijah Perez, Editor In Chief

Tis’ the season to be spooky. Halloween is here and it’s time to dive straight into all the movies that haunt our dreams.

Netflix does not often update their horror movie selection, however they offer many enjoyable, spooky watches. Below are among the best of the horror flicks that Netflix has to offer.

Horror comedies such as A Haunted House and classics such as The Evil Dead are on Netflix, but you won’t find them here as this list is to assist you in finding new and unquestionably unsettling films.

As Above So Below

Rated R: Language, Violence

Released in 2014, the film follows Scarlett Marlowe, an archaeologist on a quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone. She journeys this quest to pick up her father’s work after he committed suicide years ago. 

She ventures to Paris and assembles a group to head underground to the Paris catacombs where clues to the stone have led her. Little does she or her group know, to gain the stone the group will journey straight through the nine circles of Hell. 

This film is full of perfect atmospheric spooks and more than a few moments that keep you on the edge of your seat. As Above So Below is worth the watch for any horror fan, but especially those who are fans of history and Dante’s Inferno.  

Await Further Instructions

TV-MA: Blood, Violence, Paranoia

Nick returns home for Christmas along with his girlfriend Annji who has not yet been introduced to his family. It is quickly implied that Nick has not seen the family in years because of their constant ridicule of his life and profession, they also show racist bias towards Annji. 

The holidays take a dark turn however, when they realize they are trapped inside the home with all doors and windows covered by an unbreakable substance and the TV reads “Stay Indoors and Await Further Instructions.”

The family all have different speculations as to who is delivering the televised messages, but the father insists it has to be the government and willingly follows all instructions the TV delivers no matter how sinister they begin to turn. 

This film is a compelling watch as you question who is really behind the televised messages and watch the family lose sanity. Await Further Instructions also takes on thought provoking topics such as patriarchy, racism, and the human mind. 100% worth the watch for horror fans seeking something new and it all pays off with a well executed twist ending. 


TV-MA: Sexual content, Blood

Alice, or as her screen name reads, Lola_Lola works as a “camgirl” (Women who broadcast sexual content live on live streaming services.) She becomes obsessed with her ranking on the website and desperately wants the number one spot. 

After pulling a morbid stunt on a live stream involving fake blood, her popularity and ranking on the site begins to climb. Soon after, she has a horrifying realization one night that her account is live broadcasting while she is not actively live. She also notices that the actions and content being broadcasted is something she has never done before, so there’s no way it could even be pre-recorded. 

The film quickly turns in a mind bending psychological horror as Alice tries to track down this apparent clone that is broadcasting on her account. It’s a puzzling adventure that leaves you asking questions til the last frame, never knowing what’s around the corner. Cam is also a fresh watch as it explores the topic of sex in horror movies in a way that’s never been done before. 


Rated R: Brief violence, Language

Aaron, a struggling videographer, accepts a job opportunity online. Upon arrival to the vague job proposal, he meets Josef, an eerily unusual man who wants Aaron to film a video for his unborn child because he has a brain tumor. 

As the movie progresses, Josef becomes more and more odd to a point where he becomes unsettling, spiking all of Aaron’s red flags. Eventually, Josef confides in Aaron a deeply disturbing story involving Josef’s unseen wife Angela and a wolf mask. 

After a phone call with Angela who is actually Josef’s sister, Aaron is urged to back out of the project with Josef only to learn soon after that Josef is stalking him. 

Creep is a slow burn film that builds up, keeping you interested the entire time as Josef grows from odd to horrifying and you can’t help but yell at Aaron to get out. The film features Mark Duplass (role of Josef) in his most compelling acting role and all ends in a satisfying, surprising yet expected conclusion. 

Creep’s sequel Creep 2 is also available on Netflix. 

Dark Skies

Rated PG-13: Drug content, Violence, Language, Slight sexual content

Strange occurrences begin to fall upon the Barrett family. All their kitchen products are arranged in stange and elaborate ways overnight, hundreds of birds begin to hurdle at their home windows, and they find fine strange symbols on the two boys’, Sammy and Jesse, bodies.

As the parents, Daniel and Lucy, begin to search for answers, they fall upon reports of alien abductions and beings known as “the greys.” They slowly come to realize there is nothing they can do to stop the aliens from invading their home except arm up for their impending intrusion on the night of The Fourth of July. 

Dark Skies is an intense roller coaster and highly recommended to both alien and horror fanatics. 

The Green Inferno

Rated R: Brief nudity, Language, Gore and disturbing imagery

From director and horror icon Eli Roth, the film follows college freshman Justine who finds herself wrapped up in a social activism group to end deforestation in the Amazon. 

Mid-protest while chained to trees in the Amazon, Justine is held at gunpoint by an officer. The event is being broadcast live and is ended when the bulldozers are called off. It is revealed Justine’s near execution was orchestrated because her father works for the United Nations. 

On the flight home, the small plane crashes, killing many of the activists among the group. The remaining few are quickly tranquilized by tribal indigenous people of the Amazon. As they are taken to the tribe’s village they discover to their horror that the tribe practices cannibalism. 

While the film is not for the faint of heart taking inspiration from the controversial Cannibal Holocaust, it is an exciting watch as you wonder if the group of activists will survive their encounter with the cannibalistic group. 

House of 1000 Corpses

Rated R: Language, Sadistic gore, Sadistic violence

Only recently added to Netflix, House of 1000 Corpses is a fan favorite among horor fiends. 

The first film from director and rock legend Rob Zombie, the movie follows a group of young adults stopping at random American roadside attractions to write a book featuring them. They find themselves at Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Monsters and Madmen, they are given a tour by Captain Spaulding himself where they learn of local urban legend “Dr. Satan.” 

Soon after, their car breaks down (go figure) and they find help in the form of a zany woman named Baby. She says her brother can fix up their car, but it will take a few hours so they are invited to stay for dinner. It’s more than quickly showcased that something is not right about Baby’s family and her sinister seeming father. 

The group tries to escape after an obscure cabaret performance from Baby, they fail miserably only to be locked up and one of them brutally tortured and disfigured. The group sadly come to the conclusion that their fate is sealed all leading up to a terrifying encounter with the all too real Dr. Satan. 

This Rob Zombie flick is a must watch for horror fans, as well as sequels The Devil’s Rejects and 3 From Hell. While the film conclusion is a bit confusing and lacks stable writing, the overall film is an eye-grabber and down right horrifying. 

The Invitation

Rated TV-MA: Mild violence

Will and Kira arrive at Wills ex-wife Eden’s house for a dinner party. The two separated after the accidental death of their son, so Will is both emotionally distraught returning to the home and unsettled by Eden’s eerily positive demeanor. 

As the night goes on, Eden’s new beau David explains a morally disturbed story of a group that is a part of. Will grows increasingly anxious over Eden and David’s intentions for the night, but is laughed at by the other attendees. 

Unexpectedly, a dinner party guest is violently attacked and killed and to Will’s surprise his suspicions were correct. The dinner party quickly turns into a survival mission for everyone involved including Eden and David.

The melodramatic and uncomfortable atmosphere of this flick at first makes you question clicking off, but the small slowburn details of the plot keep you wrapped in. The Invitation is an interesting watch featuring the likes of The Strangers and You’re Next with an ending your truly don’t see coming. 


Rated R: Disturbing and violent imagery

True crime author Ellison drags his wife Tracy and kids Trevor and Ashley to a new home. Unknown to the family, the house’s previous family was brutally hung to death in the tree outside the home. 

Ellison discovers a box of tapes and a projector in the attic. Upon playing one of the tapes, he finds that it features the death of the previous family. Not too long after, Tracy is angry when she learns the house was a crime scene and Ellison plays more tapes finding that they all feature families being murdered.

He then begins to notice a strange figure in all of the tapes known as Bughuul, a demon. He quickly learns all the tapes are connected and that if he is not careful, his family is the next in line. 

Would You Rather

Rated TV-MA: Violence

In order to afford leukemia treatments for her brother, Iris accepts a strange dinner party invitation from a rich philanthropist. Upon sitting at the dinner table, it is revealed that everyone at the table needs money, but in order to receive the money they have to win a deadly game of would you rather.

The night continues on with guests dying off one by one in the fight to win. Would You Rather gets on the edge of your seat and biting your nails with its anxiety-inducing plot as it questions the guests’ morals. It all concludes with two shocking twists.