NBA Finals 2020: A History Between The Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers

Cassandra Ramirez, Sports Reporter

The NBA Finals officially started with the #5 seed Miami Heat taking on #1 seed  Los Angeles Lakers. This is a time that all NBA fans have been impatiently waiting as the league was put on delay back in March, when Rudy Gobert was the first NBA player to test positive for COVID-19.

Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat entered the NBA bubble restart already having clinched a spot in the playoffs, so heading in they will be playing these last 8 games to determine seeding and figure out who their first-round opponent will be.

Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers entered the NBA bubble restart in the same boat as the Heat, with already clinching a playoff spot, fighting to keep the #1 seed in the West, as well as waiting to determine who their first round opponent will be.

As seeding games came to a close, the playoff bracket was set with Miami taking on the Indiana Pacers in the first round and Los Angeles taking on the Portland Trailblazers.

Every team came in hot fighting for a Finals appearance. The Heat ended up sweeping The Pacers 4-0 with Butler, Dragic, and Robinson leading the way to shut down Indiana. On the other hand, the Lakers came up short in Game 1 of their series with a 100-93 loss, but right away jumped back into the series and took a demanding series win over the Trailblazers 4-1, with Lebron James and Anthony Davis leading the way.

As both teams advance to the next round of playoffs, they await their next opponent. Miami would take on the winner of the Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic series. Los Angeles would face the winner of the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder.

After a couple days of waiting, the next round of playoffs were set. The Heat would be facing Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks and the Lakers would be facing James Harden and the Houston Rockets. Miami continued their hot streak against the Bucks winning 7 straight games before losing to Milauwakee in Game 4.

Somehow, Jimmy Butler continued to lead the way to help his team knock out the Bucks in Game 5, with a final score of 103-94, and advancing to the Eastern Conference Championship Series for the first time since 2013. The Lakers came up short once again in Game 1 of their series with the Rockets and lost 112-97.

Though James and Davis wasn’t done with their playoff run yet, and fought until Game 5 of the series winning 119-96, closing out Harden and the Rockets and going into celebration mode for advancing to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in 10 years.

Awaiting once again for Miami and Los Angeles to see who they will face, the final spots are between Boston/Toronto and Denver/Los Angeles Clippers. Then the Conference Finals series was set after Denver defeated the Clippers in Game 7 and Boston taking the series over Toronto in Game 7 as well. The Los Angeles Lakers taking on Jamal Murray and the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat taking on Jason Tatum and the Boston Celtics all for a spot in the 2020 NBA Finals. Miami continued right where they left off with their hot streak, taking a quick 2-0 lead over the Celtics, before losing Game 3.

Here comes Jimmy Butler and the Heat fighting for the Finals spot in the remaining 4 games. Miami ended up defeating Boston in Game 6 to appear in the NBA Finals for the first time since 2014. Los Angeles continued their hot streak as well, winning the first two games in their series against Denver, which included an Anthony Davis game winning 3 at the buzzer in Game 2 of the series.

Though the Lakers fell short again in Game 3, Lebron and the rest of the Lakers knew it wasn’t time to give up and ended up winning Games 4 and 5 to defeat the Denver Nuggets and advance to the Finals for the first time since 2010.

This year’s NBA finals will include Jimmy Butler, who has formerly made playoff appearances with Chicago, Minnesota, and Philadelphia, and Lebron James, who will be facing off for a Championship ring against his former team, the Miami Heat. Butler vs. James, Davis vs. Herro, who will come out victorious in Game 1 of the 2020 NBA Finals? Live coverage begins Wednesday September 30th at 5:30pm pacific time with NBA countdown on ABC, following Tip-off at 6:00pm.

This is going to be a Finals series no one wants to miss.