The Circus Is In Town: Trump v Biden Debate

Elijah Perez, Editor In Chief

“Folks, do you have any idea what this clown is doing?” former Vice President Joe Biden asked the crowd at the first 2020 Presidential Debate. This is only one miniscule example of the clowenry that was last night’s “debate.”

The rules of the debate were laid out: two minute responses from each candidate, President Donald J. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, on the first question with open discussion for the remainder of the six segments. 

These rules were more than quickly thrown out the window, they were gone in warp speed. 

Usually, when it comes to debates you’d expect behavior like not letting your opponent speak or arguing with moderators or, let’s not forget, using false information from middle schoolers or high schoolers.

However, here in our lovely country of the United States, we saw behavior like this on live national television from our President and a former Vice President. It only makes it worse when you realize these two are running for the highest public office in the country. 

Currently, the clown makeup is being painted on Trump’s face across the country, unless you’re Fox News of course, but Biden slipped on clown shoes as well last night. 

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, Trump was relentlessly speaking over him like a toddler with moderator Chris Wallace asking Trump, “Mr. President, can you let him finish sir?” Biden’s response: “He doesn’t know how to do that.”

In all fairness, Biden should defend himself against the President’s attacks and it’s easy to understand the frustration of being spoken over, especially when it persisted over the course of an hour. However, in this professional setting, it is a bit unnecessary to stoop to the President’s level with that comment. 

He may have won the debate in the eye’s of many, but let’s not ignore the ad hominem. 

Even more unforgettable, Biden’s now famous comment, “Will you shut up man?” While it is a comical moment, it is simultaneously unprofessional and adds to the shock of Americans at home wondering “is this really happening?”

“This is so unpresidential,” as spoken by Biden, is really one of the most accurate ways to describe President Trump’s behavior last night. 

Trump equally spoke over and argued with Chris Wallace as much as he did opponent Biden. As Wallace says, “you’re debating him not me” you can’t help but feel like you’re watching the parody version of the debate on Saturday Night Live. 

This is behavior that would get you instantly sent out of a courtroom, yet the fire fueled words just kept pouring out of the President’s lips. This is our Commander in Chief ladies and gentleman. 

Where the “debate” really becomes laughable though is afterwards, with the amount of fact checking that was, frankly, necessary. More than many of Trump’s reasoning and facts were built upon false information. 

Maybe fake news is only acceptable when you’re the one spreading it?

CNN reporter Daniel Dale spent his night fact checking the President. The lies and misinformation he revealed ranged from voting by mail, accusing Biden and former President Barack Obama of spying on Trump’s campaign, the amount of jobs he’s created under his administration, and, the real kicker, claiming his comment on using bleach to fight COVID was sarcastic. 

The showstopper of the night though, comes in the form of the President not openly saying he supports white supremacy, but definitely not condemning it either. 

Responding to Wallace’s question on condemning white supremacy, he immediately directs attention to the left and Antifa before telling the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” A quote that the Proud Boys are very proud of. 

Proud Boys are a neo-fascist male only organization recognized by the FBI as white supremacist hate group. So, the President, in the mess of this chaotic circus, somehow managed to give hope and acknowledgement to a violent racist organization. 

Last night’s debate is considerably one of the most shocking political moments to happen this year so far. With a month to go before the upcoming election in November and this being what has set the tone for the election, Americans better buckle up and grab their popcorn. 

The real victim here however, is poor moderator Chris Wallace who not only had to attempt to control these shenanigans, but had to witness them firsthand and up close. 

Trump and Biden’s first debate was a sad mockery of American politics, and tickets will be available at the box office for their next show on October 15th.