The Stresses of Being an Essential Worker

The Stresses of Being an Essential Worker

Ariana Sisneroz, Sports Editor

Tough times are amongst us, but even more so for essential workers working through this whole pandemic.

Working in the fast food industry has always been a very stressful environment prior to the pandemic: lunch rushes, rude customers, and district managers looming over. COVID-19 has only added to that stress.

Workers face risking their lives everyday to be able to provide for their families and to put food on the table. Customer interaction with employees can be ridiculous with how  rude people can be.

The demand for essential workers working during this time is at its highest and people don’t want to work due to the way customers are towards workers and just the overall stress.

As as essential worker ,like myself and others in my household, we leave everyday dreading to go to work because of what we have to deal with while working both retail and fast food.

The truth is we still have to pay for the bills, so it’s a lifestyle that we as essential workers don’t have the choice to avoid.