International Students Face Deportation Due to COVID-19


Alejandro Horvilleur, Reporter

International students are being advised to take at least one hybrid class this semester to avoid deportation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

It’s difficult for families to send money and help pay for college, especially when tuition fees are higher for international students.

Since the start of the pandemic, Student Services have been working on helping students that rely on money from their home countries with reaccommodations like changes to payment plans and account freezing to help international students economically.

During the pandemic international students were surprised when the Trump Administration proposed the idea to remove international students from the country, even if they were legally inside the United States. What did COS do to help their international students? According to International Students Designated School Official Osiris Deleon, “the first step, and most important, is to communicate with the international students community and let them know that Student Services is working on a solution within the federal laws since COS can’t overlook federal control stated by the Trump Administration.” 

Students with only online classes were the ones that were going to suffer from this proposal. A key recommendation on behalf of Student Services to avoid being deported is for them to take at least one hybrid class this fall semester because your in-person presence is required. 

On the COS web page you can find a list of classes that are hybrid. That way it will be easier to locate the classes that you want.