‘Tis of thee, The DNC

Jordan Callison, Reporter

Like most of 2020, the Democratic National Convention was a dumpster fire. The convention, which consisted of live and pre-recorded speeches, took place Aug. 17-20 and was shown via online streaming and televisions across the country. 

Over the course of the four day event, many familiar faces and complete strangers voiced their support for Joe Biden. While the convention maintained a theme of coming together and a vision of hope for the future, the overall message of the Democratic National Convention was that the orange man is bad and Joe Biden is the messiah. 

The first night of the convention kicked off with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by an acapella Zoom rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and instructed those at home watching that they could stand or kneel. Later in the evening, Michelle Obama spoke from the heart and addressed the average American while sitting comfortably in her Martha’s Vineyard home.

The Democratic National Convention also marked the return of the witch of the east; I don’t think this adds to the discourse, but I am not the editor: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. She showed that once again she is unable to take accountability for losing the election; the fault of someone else and not her own. 

Andrew Yang made a surprise appearance and received more airtime than his entire campaign as a presidential hopeful. Mayor Pete Buttigieg also came out from the Hundred Acre Woods to urge the voters at home to support his new friend Biden. When Buttigieg speaks, his tone of voice and mannerisms emulates former President Barack Obama in an imitation facade. 

New money and moody millionaire Billie Eilish came out of quarantine to convince her large teenage fan base to vote for Biden. Hysterical as it may be, wealthy celebrities continue to lecture people on how to vote all while they are live streaming from their seven figure homes. 

During the convention, the Democrats celebrated nominating the first woman to the role of Vice President for their party. Kamala Harris is the 3rd woman to be nominated for Vice President from a major political party after Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin. 

The DNC also focused on gun control, hoping to infringe on the rights of American people within the first one hundred days. They also failed to mention the ongoing riots that continue to happen in cities across America in democrat run states. 

Before speaking, presidential contender Joe Biden was introduced by his children in a heartfelt message. When it came time for Biden to read from the teleprompter, he did not offer any real solutions; only empty words that would appeal to the ears. The silver lining to Joe is his dedication to cancer research with the Cancer Moonshot program. Having lost his own son Beau Biden to cancer, he is inspired to find a cure. 

If elected, it is very unlikely that Biden will live long enough to finish a presidential term. His successor would be his Vice President, Kamala Harris, someone that couldn’t even grasp the nomination in her own state. The combination of Biden and Harris is comparable to Mcdonald’s. It’s great in photos, but lackluster in presentation. 

This November, it’s not about who you vote for; what matters more is participating in our election process and choosing who you believe can lead the country. 

If you were fortunate enough to miss this carnival disaster of a convention, but would like to watch highlights, everything is available on Youtube. The Republican National Convention was held the following week and is available to watch online as well.    

You can also register to vote at vote.org and find your nearest polling place. 

Election day is November 3rd.