Mental Health Services Still Available From Home


Alejandro Horvilleur, Reporter/Podcast Host

The COS Health Center is still open and ready to help those in need. 

The Mental Health Center (MHC) has adapted to private virtual sessions for students that need assistance. Jill Maze, Psychological Services Supervisor at COS, said that “The MHC  has had more calls from students at COS via Zoom and other online platforms this year than in the past when sessions were face-to-face.” 

For now the MHC will only meet with students via teletherapy, or virtual counseling sessions. They are planning on opening face-to-face possibly by this October but it’s not yet confirmed. 

Maze also mentioned a few tips for students now that COS has chosen to go with fully remote classes for this semester:

  •         Keeping a Zen space at Home: “It is important that while studying from home, students can find a quiet and personal space where they can concentrate on their studies and nothing else. This includes turning phones off, since it’s always calling for attention.”
  •       Talk to Family members: “Talking to family members about your study hours can help avoid distractions from siblings or parents.”
  •         Set Study Hours: “Creating a schedule where you feel comfortable with your classes, that way you will be more organized with your college assignments. This also includes setting break times. It is important that you also set beak times to let your mind rest.”
  •       MHC HotLine: “In case that you felt any mental illness like social isolation, anxiety, severe or mild depression, or even suicidal thoughts call (559-703-3988).”

The MHC has also been working on a new system that will be called “Tell a Giant” and it is expected to be ready by mid-September. This system consists of COS students helping the MHC locate others in need of mental assistance. For example, if you know anyone that is having trouble in their life, you will be able to contact the MHC. They will take actions to communicate with the student and start helping them. 

Maze stated,“It’s important that students that are suffering with mental health problems reach out to the MHC, especially in moments like this where social interactions every day have now become social distancing. Creating the feeling of isolation, loneliness, depression, among others.”  

Students can contact the Health Center by phone or email: [email protected] or 559-730-3988