Student Senate Elections Are Underway


Elijah Perez, Editor In Chief

Voting for the 2020-2021 Student Senate Officers are now underway. 

The election, originally supposed to take place last Spring semester, was postponed due to the coronavirus. Meet the students up for election: 

Anthony Moreno for President

Moreno is currently Vice President of Alpha Gamma Sigma and was Student Ambassador last Spring semester. He says he had to develop a strong sense of leadership and believes that “college should be a time for furthering your education, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun.” Moreno’s running statement reads, “Vote for me and with your help we can better shape this campus.”

Jasmine Hanson for President

Hanson was the Assistant Coordinator for the Health Science Academy at Porterville High School. She also served as the Senator of Language Arts and Communication and President of Next Up last semester at COS. Hanson grew up as a foster youth saying, “Growing up as foster youth, I was told I would never amount to anything. It was those same words that in turn motivated me.” Hanson pledges to “be a hardworking, dependable, and considerate President. I am not only wanting to represent all COS students, but also to be the voice of all the unheard.” 

Tarrah Rodriguez for Vice President

Rodriguez served as Commissioner of Records last year at COS. She says her father taught her that “it is the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.’ I have seen it enough times to know that in order to get things done, one must speak up and be heard.” She wants to ensure that she is the voice of the students and hopes to utilize her knowledge from her time as Commissioner of Records as Vice President. Rodriguez says, “I am always willing to take time to listen to each and every one of you and will to the best of my ability present any issues or concerns to the Student Senate.” 

Daniel Diaz for Student Trustee

Diaz served time in the Marine Corps and says “based upon my experience I think it’s without a doubt that I am a caring person, a people driven person, and someone you want to advocate for you.” He wants to represent the student body and help guide through these new and unfamiliar circumstances. Diaz pledges to “address the needs of the student body at this current time of unparalleled circumstances as well as address potential areas where College of the Sequoias can improve upon to enhance our educational environment.” 

Noorulian Ali for Student Trustee 

Ali is a Sociology major with a Pre-Med emphasis and served as Commissioner of Activities in Spring 2020.  She says she has always enjoyed working for her school and the community and pledges as Student Trustee to “represent my fellow COS students and to help make this campus safe and welcoming for all.” 

Timothy Albright for Commissioner of Finance 

Albright’s aim is to help the student body live up to the standards set by COS. He says that COVID “calls for leaders who are flexible and willing to adapt.” Albright sees himself as a problem-solver and promises “to bring the voice of the students to a level where their needs can be taken into account and their problems can be met with solutions.” 

Erica Jensen for Commissioner of Clubs

Jensen is a returning student after a twenty year break, in that time she has spent fifteen years as a case manager for the Welfare Department. She is the current representative for Inter Club Council and is a part of Alpha Sigma Gamma, also previously being a senator on the Student Senate for the Humanities Department. Jensen says, “I look forward to what I can do this semester with the challenges of being virtual. If you ever see me around town or on campus, please feel free to approach me.” 

Patrick Hall for Commissioner of Clubs

Hall is in the COS Pride Club serving as Vice President the past two semesters and has represented Pride Club on the Inter Club Council. He says that from his start at COS he wanted to be a dedicated and involved person and has built knowledge from the Inter Club Council process. Hall does not want to let COVID interfere with COS clubs he knows students are dedicated to and hopes to “bring my experience and individual quirk to the job, especially during these strange times where the future activity of our campus seems uncertain.” 

Sylvester Nilo for Commissioner of Activities

Nilo is running in hopes to bring together different people with different backgrounds and experiences. He is pushing for a cleaner and safer environment. Nilo says the two things he stands for are unity and being action driven. He says, “ barking out words will get us nowhere. I hope to be able to create unity among everyone by putting our differences aside.”

Student Senate elections run until August 28th, you can use your voice and vote here.